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Modern Parenting At Home: Check Out Our First Episode!

Your companion in today’s parenting journey, launches its first episode of a new YT series — Modern Parenting At Home!

To continue helping parents cope with the demands of the new normal at home, we’re starting a new series called Modern Parenting At Home! The video series will be covering different kinds of parents as they go through the New Normal, sharing different kinds of tidbits. There’ll be some cooking, fun anecdotes, parenting tips and tricks, and a lot more to watch and learn from. You can watch the first-ever video down below:

Modern Parenting At Home Ep.1: Featuring Chef Robby and Aliza Goco

As a restauranteur and chef, Robby Goco aimed to create an authentic Greek restaurant which led to the creation of the beloved Cyma. His dishes all embody his strong belief that “good food is a right, not a privilege”. From his Lamb Souvlaki, Beef Gyros, and the Greek version of paella — Yiouvetsi, each dish that comes out of his kitchen showcases how much passion he puts into his food. Following Cyma, he branched out to other restaurants such as Souv by Cyma and Green Pastures.

The last time we spoke to Aliza Goco, it was about her advocacy for conscious beauty. Despite being a busy mom of 3, she still finds time to be a fitspiration to all of us. A strong advocate for self-care, she always shares her thoughts about wellness on her Instagram. While helping Chef Robby manage the restaurants and her girls cope with online distance learning, she’s organized her schedule to make sure she could squeeze in a workout or two.

Quite a power duo to start off our first episode!

Modern Parenting At Home with Chef Robby Goco and Aliza Goco

Chef Robby and Aliza Goco: Sharing Comfort Through Food

In Casa Goco, food always played a big role in comfort. And what better way to showcase that comfort through noodles, the ultimate comfort food? Chef Robby takes on the challenge of turning Sapporo noodles into the ultimate comfort food dish. “The kids love noodles,” he shares in the video. “They love spaghetti, pasta. So, we had to find alternatives like Sapporo Bihon or Sotanghon so that we can all eat it.”

The best part about this video is: we get to try out the recipe for ourselves at home! Check out the list below for the ingredients:

  • Cubed Chicken Thighs
  • Shrimp
  • Ginger
  • Basil
  • Green Onion/ Scallion
  • Onion
  • Kecap Manis or “Dark, Sweet Soy Sauce”
  • White Pepper
  • Stir Fry Sauce
    • Oyster Sauce
    • Fish Sauce (Patis)
    • Sugar
  • 3 kinds of Mushroom
    • Wood Ear Mushroom or Tenga ng Daga – Don’t forget to soak in water before cooking!
    • Shimeji Mushrooms
    • Fresh shitake mushroom

Sounds really good to us! Don’t forget to check out the Modern Parenting At Home video to see the final product of this mouthwatering recipe.

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