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These Local Celebrity Moms Show How To Practice Self-Care

Whether it’s because we’re stuck in quarantine or just at home and need a break, let these celebrity moms show you how to do self-care.

Being stuck at home because of quarantine or the fear of the pandemic can be agonizing. It was fun to see our kids 24/7 at the start but now, it’s starting to get annoying. Because they’re always at home, we have less time for ourselves. But there are still ways on how to get some self-care done. Check out these local celebrity moms on how they give themselves some TLC.

Celebrity Moms Who Practice Self-Care

1. A Drink in the Tub (@itscamilleco)

celebrity mom self-care

Although not allowed to have any alcohol, content creator celebrity mom Camille Co-Koro still managed to gift herself a sparkling drink to enjoy in the tub for self-care. For many of us who are either trapped in a hotel for quarantine or have a bathtub at home, it’s totally alright for us to enjoy a sparkling drink or two. And if anyone of us took mixology then, making a mocktail or cocktail’s one way to enjoy the bath, too.

2. Surf’s Up for a Sunny State of Mind (@sarahlahbati)

celebrity mom self-care

Since some of the beaches are open to kids, why not ride a few waves? Fashionista mom Sarah Lahbati‘s got a board from San Juan Surf Resort for her to enjoy the waves. We’re sure that Zion and Kai would be so amazed and proud to see their mom hanging ten and taming those waves.

3. I Deserve a Drink (@pattymuhlach)

celebrity mom self-care

Adding four-year-old Anya and two-year-old Ariella to the list of the Patty Muhlach Homeschool means this veteran celebrity mom’s got a lot of stuff on her hands. Balancing all four of her kids can be taxing especially since they’re from different grades, which means different learning competencies. Her secret? It’s spoiling herself if need be. If she’s done with a book, this celebrity mom will pour herself a glass of wine for some self-care.

4. Knit Up a New Hobbby (@sunshinecruz718)

Break the monotony by taking a new hobby just like Sunshine Cruz. Crochet became one of her new projects as she proudly posts on IG one of her latest creations. This celebrity mom knows that self-care can even come in the form of creating and learning something new.

5. Express Thyself Through Art (@solenn)

Multi-talented celebrity mom Solenn Heusaff expresses herself through painting for self-care. Not only does it help the Filipinos open their eyes to what’s happening in the country but it helps her express herself, too. Painting has always been one of the best and socially acceptable ways to give oneself self-care.

Let these celebrity moms show you that there’s no shame in self-care.

A lot of times, we’re hesitant to indulge ourselves because it makes us look selfish as moms. But these celebrity moms posted on their IG and proved that it’s okay to give ourselves some love and TLC. A drink of wine or two wouldn’t hurt and as long as it’s in moderation. Considering how we’ve been working ourselves to the bone for the past two years in the pandemic, we really deserve a drink or time for a new hobby that’s just ours.

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