Marjorie Barretto Shows How to Hold a Successful Marehan

Celebrity vlogger and actress mom Marjorie Barretto shows on her latest vlog what a successful marehan looks like.

Marehan is our version of hanging out with other moms. If kids have their gimmicks and get-togethers, we have our marehans. We know how much effort it takes to conduct one. From gathering the members of our mom tribes to making sure everything is just welcoming and gorgeous, Marjorie Barretto’s latest vlog shows how we moms pull out all the stops to make sure visiting moms are welcome in our home.

Mom Chores Can Be Fun Too

As a host, it seems wrong to have our guests involved in the cooking preparations. We’re quick to order party trays to keep the cleaning to a minimum. But that’s the one thing we all have in common: as moms, we have things to do around the house. So sometimes, we can use our chores as activities. Not really the dusting part but more on the cooking. Food always brought families together so, it can do the same for guests too. You can see Marjorie do that as they start mashing some potatoes in the video.

Keeping It Real

We like to catch up and sometimes, it goes to gossip. But Marjorie Barretto keeps it real. She keeps it focused more on her guests and her family rather than other people. A marehan doesn’t have to have mindless gossip. It can be about other things. The point of having our fellow moms over to our houses to catch up about their lives, not really stick our noses into other people’s. It’s a bad habit that’s hard to break since gossip is juicy. But, we’re inviting them over to learn more about them. Not other people.

Thank you for the tips, Marjorie!

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, much more if we’re moms. Whenever someone enters our house, we treat them as if they’re a part of our tribe. They become our responsibility and we always want to put our best foot forward. From the food, the tableware, and even the linens of our furniture, we want our mom guests to feel at home. Marjorie does exactly that in her vlog.

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