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5 Softest Linens For A Restful Holiday Break

Sleeping in for the holidays? Make your sleep more comfortable with these linens and bedsheets.

We’re going to need the energy to power through several Christmas parties since we can’t hold one big one anymore. While food gives us that energy, nothing’s better than a good night’s sleep. For the next eight hours, it’s nothing but pure silence and nobody bothering us. But we can’t get a good night’s sleep if our linens and bedsheets are worn out. It’s time to replace them with new ones for our good night’s rest during the holidays.

1. Home De Luxe

Missing that 5-star comfort we’d get whenever we had a staycation in a hotel? There’s a way to replicate it by buying Home De Luxe‘s bedsheets and linens. With their pillows made from Goose down feathers, you’ll really prefer to have that extra 5 minutes of sleep. If feathers aren’t a good idea, then, try their microfiber ones. The Down Alternative Pillow uses microfibers, perfect for us if we’re always sneezing from the feathers.

2. Linen and Homes

Linen and Homes specialize in creating bamboo linens that are a lot lighter to bring around. Our biggest frustration with cotton or wool linens is that they can be heavy to bring to the washing machine or the pet dander gets stuck to them. Bamboo linens are lighter and less prone to static which makes it easier to brush the pet dander off them if our furbabies sleep in our beds. They also have weighted blankets and bamboo sleepwear which is perfect for the Philippine climate. Check out their IG for more info about their linens.

3. The Olive Tree

Supporting the local linen industry doesn’t get better than buying from The Olive Tree. All their products are made here in the Philippines! As one of the main suppliers of the Hotel and Restaurant industry, we’re pretty sure that their sheets pass the standards of many well-known hotels. Besides sheets and other beddings, they do also dining table linens which are perfect if you want to try setting up a romantic dinner at home. You can order from their website if you want to buy.

4. Primeo Cotton

If you’re looking to make your beds appear more minimalist without sacrificing comfort, try Primeo Cotton. They’re well-known for having soft cotton sheets, pillows, and covers. But they also produce linens and cloths for the bathroom and dining area. They do dining table covers, towels, and even bathroom accessories like those anti-slip mats which a lot of us older moms will need if we don’t want to live with a lifelong fracture or bone injury.

5. H&M

H&M may be known more to our teens for their fashion but we moms are happier with their home living section whenever they go shopping. They have a variety of pillows, accessories, mirrors, plates, and their linens are pretty tasteful in design. Most of their designs are more modern but they have adapted a tropical approach if you want to make your bedroom look more staycation-worthy. You can find them on ZALORA if you’re looking to buy them.

Restful holidays need soft linens and bedsheets

Bedsheets and linens can make or break someone’s quality of sleep. Nobody wants to be the Grinch on Christmas morning just because their pillow wasn’t fluffed up right. Besides, with all the Christmas parties we might have to attend, we’re going to need all the sleep we can get. Some of us may wonder why we need to pay a keen eye to our linens but trust us when we say, that the best sleep of our lives can really make a difference in helping us be more attentive parents.

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