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Modern Parenting’s Mother’s Day Wishlist 2022

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Here’s a wishlist of gifts we’d thought would make the day special.

After two years of spending Mother’s Day at home, 2022 is the year that moms can go out to celebrate again. Though, it doesn’t mean we have to. Some of us moms are homebodies and others would rather stay safe from COVID-19, especially with the new variant running about. With this in mind, here are a few things that are on our Mother’s Day 2022 Wishlist.

1. Caviar Pies

Take-out charcuterie boards and caviar pies became all the rage when hotels became quarantine zones. And, it’s quite rare for us moms to enjoy caviar especially because it’s so expensive to make on our own. Caviar Luxe PH has delicious Caviar Pies that they serve with Melba Toast. As to which ones are good, we recommend getting The Contemporary which has Smoked Salmon, Eggs, and Caviar, and their latest Prosciutto Fig Pie that they serve with biscuits. A little indulgence wouldn’t hurt for Mother’s Day 2022.

2. A Massage Appointment

Whether it’s a trip to the spa or home service, massages are always welcome. After carrying, moving, and sorting out things, we’d like to get pampered a bit. There are different kinds of massages and masseuses often use a variety of oils that address various pains in the body. It’s a nice, relaxing gift after constantly being up and about in the house for Mother’s Day. Besides, most spas were out for the last two years. 2022 seems to be opening up so it’s a good chance to go get it.

3. A Short Road Trip

A change in scenery for Mother’s Day is always great. Being stuck in the city for too long can drive us crazy so, maybe a short road trip will help. It doesn’t have to be a staycation in a hotel but it can be an out-of-town restaurant we’ve been wanting to try. A lot of the out-of-town restaurants have a nice, quiet view of the province which will be a lot better than just hearing the sirens in the city all day.

4. Vintage Plate Set

In the year 2022 when plate sets and tablescaping is becoming a big thing, a vintage plate set is a nice gift for Mother’s Day. Some of us just want to have a nice plate set at home so we could feel that we’re eating in a hotel. It can even go with the bouquet of flowers we normally get every year. It’s perfect for a dinner date set-up. Corelle, Royal Albert — some of those are pretty.

5. Peace and Quiet

If we could have one day wherein we didn’t need to be a mom, that would be great. As weird as it sounds to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022 not as a mom, it’s one of the only times we get to focus on ourselves. The only thing we need is someone to watch over the kids for the next 24 hours and handle some of the house stuff for the day. If there’s no food, we can order out.

6. Paying a visit to our own moms

Some of us live far away from our moms so it’s hard to pay them a visit. So for one day, we’d want to celebrate Mother’s Day with them, too. It’s been two years wherein our visits have been on and off and they’re not getting any younger. Some of us may have even lost our moms at a young age. So if ever we do want to make a short trip to visit our moms, we’d very much like a bit of support in doing so.

7. A Trip to the Derma

Although we have the “busy mom skincare routine”, sometimes, it’s good to have a professional really give us deep skincare. With stress giving us wrinkles, some of us may want those to go away—which won’t be enough with our typical skincare products. The Aivee Clinic is opening up with its latest Sofwave technology. It’s minimally painful and is an easy treatment we can do once or twice a year.

It works to restore and rebuild collagen over time and helps with firming and toning the skin, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles on the face and body, and lifting and tightening sagging skin in areas such as the jowls, jawline, neck, and brows.

A pretty short wishlist for Mother’s Day 2022

Our desires are not as long as our usual grocery list or our online shopping wishlist for this Mother’s Day. Some of us just want to have a relaxing day when the Mom Guilt isn’t so real for once. For Mother’s Day 2022, we’re looking more for something that helps us remember that we’re human. So that come the next days, we’ll be the best versions of ourselves.

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