Omicron XE: What Do We Need To Know About It

Omicron has a new variant: the Omicron XE.

Looks like COVID-19 is winding up for another round. Discovered in the United Kingdom, the new variant — known as Omicron XE — is showing signs that it’s more contagious than ever. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement that the variant is still under study. But they are sure of one thing and that it’s a recombinant virus.

omicron xe

Omicron XE as a Recombinant Virus

COVID-19 is known for releasing a variety of virus strains. These virus strains are made of little building blocks known as proteins and just like our DNA, they swap, mesh, and mutate. In this case, Omicron XE is a combination of Omicron BA.1 and Omicron BA.2. The two variants swapped material with one another before making Omicron XE. Both of these variants are the most common cause of “breakthrough infections.” That means vaccinated people may get COVID-19. They’ll just suffer a bit of discomfort.

But looking at the naming convention, Omicron XE appears to be the fifth recombinant virus. “X” usually tells people it’s a combination, followed by letters in the alphabet as to when it was discovered.

Its known symptoms

As of the moment, Omicron XE doesn’t have any specific symptoms that allow us to catch it red-handed. It will still have the usual sore throat, fever, cough, colds, skin irritations, and other things. However, it will show differently in those who have existing co-morbid diseases.

omicron xe

Current State of Viral Affairs

Right now, the Department of Health (DOH) is keeping close tabs on the Omicron XE case found in Thailand. Since Thailand and the Philippines are in the same region, there’s a good chance it may reach us. With the cases going down, we thought it was all over. But as long as the DOH has not declared the end of the “state of public health emergency,” we still need to follow health protocols.

Most of all, if not vaccinated yet, it’s best to get it now while cases are low. Don’t give this variant a chance to spread.

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