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FACT CHECK: Myths about COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids

Amidst all the false news and fear, here are 8 confirmed facts against the myths about the effects of COVID-19 vaccines on kids.

We all want this pandemic to end and the first step to ending it is getting vaccinated. Giving our kids the COVID-19 vaccine allows us and our kids a chance to go out safely. It’s how we defeated measles, polio, influenza, and even the first COVID — SARS. But there are just a lot of things popping out on the internet about how vaccines can kill people and etc. That’s why the Vaccine Solidarity Movement (VSM) held a small event with Dr. Benny Atienza and Dr. Lulu Bravo, Kids Kontra COVID, to dispel some of the myths around the vaccine.

Myth 1: The Omicron Variant was just mild

While it was mild despite the spread last new year, the reason behind its weakness is the vaccine. We adults all got vaccinated first so Omicron couldn’t really penetrate the Philippines. Although the cases climbed, the death rates didn’t because those who had breakthrough infections had an immune system that recognized the stuff COVID-19 is made of. Even though news said that some vaccines weren’t designed to specifically fight Omicron, it still removed 90% of the damage of Omicron since our bodies learned from the vaccine what to look out for and what to destroy. That’s a lot better than suffering the full blow.

covid-19 vaccine made Omicron mild for kids

Myth 2: Getting our kids infected is better than getting vaccinated

If our kids get infected with COVID-19, it doesn’t mean they build an immediate resistance. It takes time and all the more if there are accompanying co-infections. While it does sound better since it’s experiencing the full blow, that means our kids will have to go through a lot of struggle and discomfort. Fevers, chills, headaches, loss of appetite, loss of ability to breathe — those are the severe effects that getting our kids vaccinated against COVID-19 can avoid even if they get hit by the virus.

Myth 3: Kids can get infected by vaccinated people because of the COVID-19 vaccine makes them shed

Vaccines contain the “dead” virus. Meaning, the virus is there but it’s not supposed to spread. When a virus is “alive”, that’s the only time it can infect other people. Besides, vaccines don’t shed off spike proteins and other virus material like hair falling off our furbabies. Based on the existing research from Dr. Benny Atienza and Dr. Lulu Bravo, the chances of that are extremely, and extraordinarily “rare” because the COVID-19 vaccines use “dead” viruses.

covid-19 vaccine kids

Myth 4: Vaccines cause kids to have more tantrums

President Dr. Benny Atienza mentioned that there’s much research to be done if it really does cause kids to have tantrums. But, some irritability is to be expected. If it’s been only 1-2 days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, our kids are definitely going to feel a bit uncomfortable. And when they’re uncomfortable, they get irritable and lash out. But that’s only for 1-2 days but there’s very little research that the COVID-19 vaccines have long-term effects on our kids’ personalities.

Myth 5: People die from getting vaccinated!

“It looks like it but there are other factors to consider,” mentioned Dr. Lulu Bravo during the conference. The only time this may occur is if we already had existing co-morbidities. Co-morbidities are diseases that have been sitting in our bodies for a while. Our kids might even have some of these which they inherited from us through genetics. Another is that sometimes, our kids can get co-infections like pneumonia and the sort. It may look like it came from the vaccine but best you ask your family pedia to get things sorted out.

covid-19 vaccine makes our kids sick

Myth 6: The COVID-19 vaccines will make our kids sicker

In the research community, there’s a saying that goes “correlation doesn’t mean causation”. Meaning, while it did have some contribution, it’s not the main cause for it. Our kids when they get vaccinated will suffer some side effects but it’s so normal that even adults get it. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not without our medicines that can mitigate the severity of the side effects. There are ways to help our kids stay comfortable after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

covid-19 vaccine kids

Myth 7: Kids getting vaccinated against COVID-19 makes them superspreaders

“Quite the opposite, it actually prevents them from being superspreaders because they’re less prone to being infected,” mentions Dr. Benny Atienza during the conference. Because vaccines stop our kids from getting infected by COVID-19, they won’t be superspreaders. They’ll only become superspreaders if they’re not vaccinated because they have the “live” virus in their body, making them highly contagious.

Myth 8: The COVID-19 vaccine dosage for kids is the same as adults

There’s a reason why Pfizer applied for an EUA with the PH and kept pushing for trials with different age groups and this is why. Kids are smaller than adults which means giving them full-blow’s bound to make it messier. The COVID-19 vaccine’s amount is regulated for our kids because their systems are different from ours. Dosages are reduced depending on the age group with 12-year-olds receiving a dosage of 30 micrograms and 5-11-year-olds only receiving 10 micrograms.

Will this affect how effective it is in our kids? It won’t because it’s still exposing them to the same material. It’s just more tailored to their body, making it more effective than just jabbing the whole thing.

Don’t let the fear stop you from getting your kids vaccinated against COVID-19!

We all want our kids to go out again but they can’t do that unless they’re vaccinated against COVID-19. Being unvaccinated makes them more unprotected and if we want them to see the sun, they need that. While we are scared of the side effects it’ll have on our kids, it’s a lot less than getting COVID-19 itself. Besides, unlike COVID-19, the discomfort is a lot shorter. The vaccine will last maybe 1-2 days, possibly even not have any side effects whereas getting sick with COVID-19 can last for at least a month. So, it is something to think about. Timing will play a big role but as Dr. Lulu says, “Might as well get it while you can. Don’t wait for something you’re not sure when it’ll come.”

Currently, there are 15.5 million COVID-19 vaccines coming in for the kids. All of which are Pfizer since they’re the only vaccine here in the PH that has an EUA for kids.

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