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Solenn Heusaff during Fashion Week in Milan: “Mum guilt is real”

During her short trip to Milan for Fashion Week, Solenn Heusaff shares how the mum guilt can be real.

As moms, we can talk a lot about self-care but nobody talks about the mum guilt that comes with it. Multi-hyphenate mom Solenn Heusaff posted on her Instagram a picture of her and Tili. She mentioned how she enjoyed her trip but felt the mum guilt set in. She also mentioned in her post how she was happy to attend Fashion Week in Milan as an audience being a former dresser before, reminding moms it’s okay to take time off for themselves. As she mentions, “Every girl likes to look cute and has the right to :)”.

Mum guilt isn’t exclusive

As moms, sometimes we abandon looking trendy since it’s not practical. With us running around the house, doing chores, and chasing the kids, wearing something trendy may be more obstructive than helpful. This in turn can make our self-esteem sink a little bit. But netizens on Solenn’s IG were highly supportive of her post. Some even mentioned how “more guilt means the more she deserved the break“.

Solenn Heusaff-mum-guilt

Let’s not forget her ever-supportive husband, Nico Bolzico, as he was updating her with every chance he got with his hilarious updates.

Solenn Heusaff getting updates from her husband, Nico Bolzico
Tili and Solenn (from Solenn’s IG)

Even all the way down to complimenting her with every chance he gets despite the hilarious happenings in the house.

Mum Guilt means we’re doing our best as moms

We often feel guilty because as moms, our role is to make sure we take care of the family. Unfortunately, that’s a tough job that goes beyond 24/7. Sometimes, the 24 hours isn’t even enough to cover it. Solenn Heusaff is proof that mum guilt isn’t exclusive and that we moms deserve to look great no matter the occasion. Break out the signature bags, the heels, and maybe some of the clothes you’d been dying to wear. A little wardrobe change for a few moments never hurt anybody.

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