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Luane Dy: In The Hands Of Time

As the world stood still in 2020, TV host and first-time mom Luane Dy embarked on a parenting journey that would forever forge strong bonds with her new born.

TV host Luane Dy gave birth to her son at the peak of the pandemic. It was a life-changing experience laced by equal parts excitement, anxiety, and fear. She remembers, “One personal struggle I went through was when we had to look for a safe hospital to go to labor,” confides Luane. Christiano was born at the height of the pandemic so we cannot take any chances. We ended up finding a hospital that strictly takes in pregnant moms going into labor and at that time, that hospital had zero COVID cases. In a way, we were lucky.”

A New Chapter in a New Normal

As soon as they took home their bundle of joy, life for Luane and her husband was never the same. Days were solely focused on the welfare, nourishment, and health of their son, Christiano. And each passing moment marked many firsts for the newly-weds. “We were newlyweds at that time and we had to make some adjustments for the many firsts we had day by day,” Luane smiles. “The lockdown gave us a lot of moments to work out as first-time parents. We enjoyed every moment from diaper changing, feeding, and putting him to bed.”

Hosting gigs took a backseat to the responsibilities of rearing her newborn. Luane also set new parameters where taking on projects were concerned. She explains, “Managing work was relatively easy. I opted to take a break from studio work so I could focus on being a mom. Sometimes, I am called for hosting gigs or TV show guestings but, as much as possible, I make it a point to have certain considerations approved before I take them.” 

Luane Dy’s New Non-Negotiables

Time for self-care was another aspect of the everyday schedule that Luane considered non-negotiable. The mom and host shared that small moments spent solely on herself allowed her to dabble in style. “I make it a point to have a few minutes throughout the day for myself. When Christiano is taking a nap or playing, I can have those moments to myself if I feel like it. Best part is, I get to do it in style! I get to play with comfy clothes that are a trend now and my fave quarantine ootds—loungewear,” laughs Luane. The past months also saw the birth of Luane’s line of stylish clothes for breastfeeding mothers, BFeeding Mums

And while parenting at a time of lockdowns and community quarantines put a halt on life as we once knew it, Luane’s experience of the past months presented her with one of the most priceless gifts: TIME. “Time is something can never get back once it’s come to pass. Time to take a step back and be grateful for what we have. Time to appreciate the people that mean so much to us.”

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