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10 Online Shopping Budols That Moms Will Love

Whether from Shopee, Lazada, or wherever, these online shopping budols always have us, moms, jumping for joy.

Once we open the magical app that is either Shopee or Lazada, all of a sudden, we get sucked into a black hole of budols! From baby stuff, kitchen tools, and sometimes even furniture, there are just too many online shopping budols that are too good to be true. While it may appear to be hit-or-miss, some of these online shopping budols still make our lives easier and spare us the trouble of going out.

Online Shopping Budols That Moms Will Love

1. Scrapbook Accessories

When you want to turn a particular product into a gift but there’s no gift-wrapping, Shopee and Lazada have all sorts of scrapbook accessories to make them into the perfect giveaway. Ribbons, dried flowers, little bells, and even embossers for a personalized touch can glam up any product into a gift. Coupled with those coupons, it’s cheaper and a lot easier to get rather than going out and searching for said items.

2. Baby Toys

Especially for new moms, baby toys are great online shopping budols. Some toys are exclusive to certain countries which makes online shopping the best way to get them. There’s already a conversion rate and most of the apps are built with enough cyber security to keep private information intact. So, for toys that encourage emotional development, or maybe some CoComelon toys your kids want, it’s probably one of your biggest investments as an online shopping budol.

And if kept in good condition, you could sell it for higher after!

3. Cold Brew Maker

Coffee-addicted moms will agree that a cold brew maker may be the greatest online shopping budol ever. Because of the multiple lockdowns, a lot of us transformed our frustration into being unable to get our iced coffee or frappuccinos into being baristas ourselves! Cold brew makers are essential to any coffee addict’s arsenal. Plus, we can also help our farmers make money! Buying coffee beans and grounds directly from the farmers makes sure that our money goes straight to them and that, we save more. A bag of grounds being around PHP 400 to 600 is worth 6-8 glasses of cold brew, which can cost around PHP 200 in any local café.

4. Hair Ties

A long-haired woman’s constant bane is losing her hair ties that she always has to buy new ones. In Lazada or Shopee, there are some places that sell sturdy hair ties for a good price. There’s one that sells 40 pieces for a good PHP 50, which is a lot cheaper than the usual PHP 10 per piece. Plus, they sometimes sell them in different colors and designs which may not be available in other stores.

5. Hand Mixer

Soufflés are all the rage but even chefs admit that this particular recipe is tricky. The trick lies in how much whipping you’re willing to put into those egg whites. Doing it by hand definitely gives us a workout and if we’re still saving up for a Kitchen Aid, then, there are a few on Lazada and Shopee that sell for a good PHP 500 to 1,000 to help tide us over until we finally have space for that gorgeous Kitchen Aid.

6. Food Grinder

online shopping budol

Food grinders can really reduce the organic waste at home and are one of the greatest online shopping budols for plantitas or plantitos. Eggshells contain Calcium Carbonate, a common form of one of the most essential minerals: calcium. But nobody wants to eat eggshells. Not to mention, it takes too long to degrade if we just throw the entire shell on the ground. The food grinder reduces eggshells into dust, turning it into the proper fertilizer we need for plants. Or, they can be a good source of calcium for humans after a good washing.

7. Space-Saving Ottomans

online shopping budol

When managing a small space, storage is always a priority. But finding good storage furniture isn’t easy. If not a gigantic couch, how about a combination of space-saving ottomans? Space-saving ottomans come in a variety of colors and designs that can easily match your workspace and living room. Not only do they keep some of your office supplies but they can serve as a good footrest after a long day at work, too.

8. Desktop Phone Holder

online shopping budol

A desktop phone holder is a great addition to any mompreneur or working mom’s set-up at home. Sometimes, monitoring on the computer isn’t enough. Some of the notifications come through our mobile phones and it gives us so much anxiety sometimes when we can’t answer right away. With a bit of grip tape or mounting adhesives, this online shopping budol can help ease our anxieties of losing our phones or not being able to answer certain messages.

9. Jewelry Organizers

online shopping budol

From a variety of heirlooms to a few cute trinkets we bought out of impulse buy, a jewelry organizer is always a welcome online shopping budol. Some of us can be quite meticulous with how we sort our jewelry especially if some of these pieces are real white gold or diamonds. And if we’re traveling, jewelry organizers are always welcome especially if you have to take them out while going through the airport because of the metal detector. Less clutter and easier to manage.

10. USB Hubs

online shopping budol

Laptops unfortunately don’t come with a lot of USB ports. USB Hubs make it easier for us to charge our phones, connect our mice, keyboards, printers, USB fans, and other things that we need for our laptops. A lot of times, these hubs are expensive in the usual outlets, and going out to bazaars and markets is still a little risky. USB hubs are every techie or working parent’s must-have online shopping budol.

Some of these shopping budols are just cheaper online!

Canvassing is usually the hardest part when trying to find things because of all the penny pinching we had to do during the pandemic. But with online shopping, there are just too many promos to ignore that we end up getting so many budols out of nowhere. Sometimes, these items are just too cheap to be true. However, some are really good while others are not so. Don’t forget to make sure the reviews are legitimate and the shop’s in the Philippines for easy acquiring. Happy online shopping!

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