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7 Gifts New Moms Wish They Got

Wondering what you should get a momma-to-be? We asked real moms what they really needed

It can be tricky to shop for gifts for a mom-to-be. If you’re a parent, you can either get lost with all the new brands and items that have sprung up since you first entered parenthood or you don’t want to double up on items and if you aren’t a mom, you might not know where to begin to look. Many moms agree the cutesy items aren’t exactly the most useful things. But we know we love gushing over them anyway.

If you’re looking out for gifts for moms-to-be, here’s a list we suggest based on what real moms say that would truly appreciate as gifts to welcome or prepare for their bundle of joy.

7 best gifts for new moms

1. Comfy and cute loungewear

“It will instantly boost your confidence and you are camera-ready even if you spend all day at home with your little one. For sure there will be endless pictures with your newborn. You’ll be looking back at those photos for years and wished that your clothes were decent!” says Zild Ansay-Aquino, mom to baby Reef.

2. A makeover package

Spring for the new mom’s haircut, facial, and massage! A new mom’s body goes through so much during delivery alone that even the slightest bit of pampering will surely be appreciated. She won’t realize it when she’s become a mom because her mind will be hyper-focused on caring for her baby, but even if it’s just to get away for 30 minutes for a quick trim will do wonders for how she feels.” “You’d want to feel like yourself again after you give birth because it’ll be all about the baby from then on,” says Zild. Bonus: all that volume she gained from glorious pregnancy hormones might be gone so her mane will benefit from extra TLC.

3. UV sterilizer

“I really wanted one because it can sterilize anything, not just bottles,” says Gabbie Tiongson-Damian, mom to baby Simon. “I did receive it as a gift but I didn’t actually use bottles till my baby was three months old because I was just directly latching him.” In this time of pandemic and hyper-sensitivity to germs, a UV sterilizer will go a long way and can be used beyond baby feeding. Moms of toddlers and young kids now use their UV sterilizer for disinfecting pre-loved buys like books.

4. A nice stroller

“I wanted one for travel, but we don’t even go out and can’t travel,” Gabbie says. However, a sturdy stroller that can be used from newborn to toddler years can still be useful in these times. If the family has the opportunity to go out for walks, a sturdy and safe stroller will be heaven-sent. During the first few weeks, it can also double up as baby’s ride while she gets her vitamin D dose.

5. Helping hands

Joy Buena, mom to a toddler, and Meira Chua, mom to baby Theo, agree: an extra set of hands (and feet!) is the dream. Joy gets real and says a nanny who could grow with the family is the dream. How can you “gift” this to a mom to be? If your household staff has served you well, a referral might be a gift for your mom-to-be friend. But if that’s not possible, offering support during the first few weeks of adjusting to motherhood is another option.

You may want to gift meal plans so that the new parents can focus on learning how to take care of their new baby or catch up on sleep, or even send your own home-cooked meals over their home. Throw in paper plates so they don’t even have to worry about washing up after eating! And don’t forget the snacks if momma is a nursing momma.

6. Babymoon

Hear us out–traveling might not be as easy to do as in the past, but a quick getaway is not impossible. If the parents-to-be are comfortable with the idea of getting away, see if you can help them make arrangements to take a break before giving birth. Joy shares that a babymoon would have been a wonderful gift to a mom and dad to be because for many families, it may be a while before they’re ready to travel again after baby comes. We suggest being upfront with the receiver if you want to gift them with a babymoon to make arrangements easier for both receiver and giver.

7. Cash

Yes, gifting cash will always be well appreciated. Especially at a time when life transitions mean shelling out a bit more than you do on a daily basis. Delivery costs, vaccines, and the overall additional cost of a new member of the family is no joke and if you want to give parents to be a bit of breathing room during this time, gifting them with cash is a wise option.

Valine Magtoto, mom of two boys, gets honest and says “money for tuition fee till they finish their education” would be the dream gift and while all parents know this to be true, there are many ways this can be done. Here’s an example: if you know that the parents-to-be have investments, you may gift them with seed money to start an investment for their baby. Another is to gift their baby with life insurance/investment plans, there are many to choose from.

Giving a gift to a new mom is a wonderful way to let your love and excitement be felt despite physical limitations. And during this time of heightened awareness of what’s essential, what’s unnecessary, and the value of hard-earned money, choosing a gift that will be valuable for years to come is a must.

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