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OOTD Ideas Daughters Can Find In A Mom’s Closet

As COVID-19 alerts are slowly easing up, here are some OOTD ideas daughters can find in a mom’s closet to curb the spending spree.

When it comes to fashion, there’s no beating the classics. Some of these trends even look familiar. Shorts, blazers, co-ords — some of these fashion pieces are just buried in our closets. It may take a little digging but helping our daughters look fashionable while helping them save money will be worth the effort. Without further ado, here are some ideas from our closets that our daughters can use in their next OOTD.

1. Denim Jackets or Button Up

Denim jackets are all the rage especially when paired with a crop or white tank. Unfortunately, finding good-quality denim online isn’t easy. But we’re sure to have a few of those in our closet since it’s an 80’s to 90’s fashion piece. Paired with some black or khaki bottoms, denim jackets are the perfect OOTD ideas if they want to go out on a coffee date. Don’t forget to remind them to add some nice white or lifestyle sneakers to go with it.

2. High-waisted trousers

High-waisted trousers are slowly becoming a thing again to pair up with a knitted crop top. Whether it’s for a date in the Art Museum or just going shopping, high-waisted trousers are perfect for girls who are still a little conscious about showing skin. Trousers nowadays cost around PHP 1000 ~ PHP 2000 but, we’re sure there are a few good ones sitting in your closet. While some may not fit us anymore, it’ll definitely look good on our daughters for their newest OOTD ideas.

3. Floral Dresses

With summer coming in, floral dresses are always a good OOTD idea! The flowing floral dresses give that nice breezy touch during the hot summer weather. Although the brands may not be the latest ones, they can be rocked too with a pair of boots or sandals. There’s also a sun hat or a pair of their branded shades or photosensitive glasses. Either way, rocking floral dresses are timeless OOTD ideas to beat the summer heat.

4. Blazers

We probably have a lot of padded blazers but some can have their pads removed, making it the perfect relaxed blazer! Blazers are part of the new casual OOTD trend especially when paired with jeans. It’s like being more on the smart casual side but not really wearing a long-sleeved button-up which can be quite hot. Using our old blazers, they can pair it up with a crop, tank, tube, or bandeau for their latest OOTD ideas.

5. Turtlenecks

Especially if it’s knitted, turtlenecks are a common OOTD piece for fashion in Korea or Japan. It’s perfect to pair up with some ripped or flared jeans if it’s body-hugging. Some even pair it with heels and a beret. Turtlenecks can be good corporate attire since they’re returning to the office plus, it’s made of a stronger material. Most likely, the material our turtlenecks are made of might be more comfortable to wear.

6. Leather heels

Way back when synthetic leather wasn’t really that great, many of us tried to get genuine leather heels. Our daughters might want to use them especially if they share shoes with us. Most OOTD ideas now pair casual clothes with a pair of sensible leather heels which they can use either in the corporate world or just going out. Besides, if left unused, some leather shoes are known to degrade so it’s good to break them too every now and then.

Trendy OOTD ideas can come out from the magical place that is a mom’s closet!

While it’s nice to go a bit of shopping, it’s not good to get duplicates when the OOTD’s just sitting in mom’s closet! We might even find some pieces our own moms wore to look good. Trendy doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes, it takes a little effort digging but it’s all the worth. Besides, we’re sure our daughters will know how to make certain pieces work.

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