5 Fashion Looks Our Daughters Can Learn from Atasha Muhlach

Atasha Muhlach shares some fashion wardrobe looks on her Instagram that our daughters can follow.

Daughter of two showbiz heavyweights Aga Muhlach and model Charlene Gonzales, 20-year-old Atasha Muhlach posted some amazing fashion photos on her Instagram. The fun part was, it was pretty wholesome. Her clothes were simple, not too much bling, and it showed how comfortable she was. With our daughters always trying for a new look, here are 5 different classy looks that Atasha Muhlach pulled off that our daughters can derive inspiration from.

1. Classic All White

Atasha Muhlach's classic white look
Photo from Atasha Muhlach

Although white’s a color that’s prone to get dirty, it’s still a nice, clean, and classy look. We see Atasha Muhlach standing in front of a painting with some dim lighting, making her white outfit stand out. Some light khaki pants and a white sleeveless body-hugging top creates a nice silhouette in the darkness. She’s also seen wearing the classic all-white outfit with a pair of white shoes with navy blue accents.

2. Minimalist Black

Photo from Atasha Muhlach

Black tank tops are always a casual classic. Whether they’re V-necks or scoop-necks, black sleeveless tops with jeans always work. Atasha Muhlach does that, even pairing them with a pair of dad rubber shoes and a pair of shades. Our daughters probably have a few of these including a pair of mid-rise jeans which Atasha wears in the photo.

3. Bustier Dress

Photo from Atasha Muhlach

Especially with the hotter days coming up, a white bustier dress is all Atasha Muhlach needs to stay cool and fashionable. The dress has simple red floral prints, making it less painful on the eyes. Besides, lockdown doesn’t mean staying in baggy clothes all day. Sometimes, our girls can choose to dress up and look fancy. It may not look like it’s fit for the occasion but it helps keep their mind off the stress from school and the pandemic.

4. Portrait on a sweater

Photo from Atasha Muhlach

Sometimes, we’re confused about how our daughters can pair designed and painted sweaters from ZARA, H&M, or their usual fashion haunts. But Atasha Muhlach shows how they can. She wears black pants to match the grayscale portrait on her sweater, making the art stand out more. It doesn’t necessarily need to be grey but it can go in other colors like blue, pink, violet, etc.

5. Simple sweater

Photo from Atasha Muhlach

Atasha Muhlach pulls off a selfie in a black sweater, showing that as simple it is — it can still be fashionable. Sweaters kind of remind us what it’s like to have a human hug us, keeping us warm and safe while we’re sitting and working. We’re sure our daughters has been collecting sweaters over the years and although they don’t wear it because of practicality, Atasha shows that sometimes — it’s okay to not be practical if we can love ourselves in it.

Atasha Muhlach keeps it real

We’ve seen the MET Gala and how some clothes can really be out of this world. But Atasha’s simple fashion sends out a message to our daughters that they can still look good even in something casual. All it takes is being comfortable in it as if the clothes were their own skin.

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