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Divine Lee Shares Her Thoughts On Heirloom Hunting

 After a year of lockdowns and a bout COVID-19, fashion personality Divine Lee is investing on things that hold true value: health, family, self-care and keepsakes last a lifetime. 

In the past four years, Divine Lee has transitioned seamlessly from pret-a-porter princess to wonder mom. She shares, “I feel like I’ve been pregnant for four years. My eldest, Baz, is three. Blanca is turning two and right now, I am six months pregnant.” Motherhood becomes Divine and if anything, the shift has brought out her mastery of multitasking and time management. As an entrepreneur, wife and mom declares, “I follow a schedule with military precision. I have an hourly daily schedule. Sometimes this is by the half-hour. That way, I can really manage my time effectively and efficiently. The tasks are endless, so we need to learn to prioritize the things that need our attention the most.”

Divine Lee and her family in Cebu

As soon as lockdowns were imposed in early 2020, Divine and her family decided to stay in Cebu. “Before this, we were traveling between Manila and Cebu every two to three weeks. During ECQ, we decided it would be better for the kids to be in Cebu since it’s closer to the beach and mountains.” Day trips to the capital were immediately replaced by back-to-back meetings done through Zoom. “I dress up even at home. This is because I have a lot of online meetings and tapings at home. We still managed to shoot two shows (Mombiz on Cignal and LazMomventure for the Lazada App) while on lockdown—all in our home.” 

Divine the family was quick to adjust to the new normal. When she and her husband got hit by the virus, home life was shaken up. She intimates, “I was so scared for our kids. It was the hardest 14 days of my life That’s when you realize that as much as you love the nice and pretty things, health and family must always come first.” These days, retail therapy is informed by experiences of the past year. Instead of acquiring seasonal pieces, the mom and fashion figure chooses to invest in keepsake that she can pass on to her children. “I have a newfound appreciation for heirloom pieces,” shares Divine. She’s also made room in her wardrobe for hero garments that transcend time or trend, even joking that, “I’m always pregnant so I can’t really join the crop top trend.”

Time for skincare and makeup is Divine’s way of immersing in self-care and self-love. “It’s my me-time,” declares Divine. She follows an eight to 10-step skincare regimen which shifts according to the life chapter. “Right now, I only use preggy-approved beauty products. As soon as I’ve given birth and completed with breastfeeding, it’s back to my favorite Retinols and acids. Now is a better time to improve my wellness routine, especially after the hormonal changes my body went through in a span of three pregnancies.” 

Divine emphasizes the value of self-care as an investment. Like the heirloom pieces she is currently drawn to, the act of filling one’s cup is regarded as capital or asset, growing in value over time. She ends, “Don’t forget about you. You can only be the best version of mom, if you are happy. Take care of yourself always because it will, in turn, make everyone else around you feel happier.”

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