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Classic Pieces for Holiday Fashion Trends 2021

2021’s about to end and we need to update our wardrobe with these classic fashion trends for the holidays.

Although some of us might not be heading out, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dress up for the holidays. Changing up our wardrobe helps us remember that time’s still moving and we’re still here. When it comes to fashion, choosing some quality classic pieces may still the best. They’re minimalist, simple, and they can be worn anytime which is why we picked these pieces for the 2021 Holiday fashion trends.

1. Co-Ords

Co-ords are fun to have because we don’t have to think too hard about matching them up. They usually come in pairs but some stores sell them separately. BAGASAO has a few cool co-ord pieces like their Kimono Waist Vest and their Denim Column Drop Crotch pants, the beige and tangerine Corset S/L Shirt with T/L Shorts. Dona Lim also has some plain grey loungewear that can be worn inside and outside the house. D.D. Daily also has a few co-ords too in denim, neon colors, and even have suit sets to make it easier for us to decide what to wear.

2. Dresses

We love dresses because they’re easy to put on and breezy. They’re versatile too as a fashion. We can either wear them as dusters at home or go to the grocery in them. Rosanna Ocampo has a lot of nice dresses to wear that come with buckles and classic ruffles to add some spunk for her Holiday 2021 collection. Comme Ci also has the Keepsake the Label collection that has dresses with a more bohemian approach. Finding the right dress means finding the one that fits your personality best. That way, you’ll always be comfortable in it even after the holidays and it will never go out of style.

3. Solid Basics

Essentials include sleeveless tops, shorts, jackets, blazers, or anything that can be paired up with anything. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve been going back to more basic pieces. Some of us even go to Uniqlo to find those basic pieces. But D.D. Daily has a lot of those basic pieces. They specialize in more box styles so for those who want to go more geometric this year for holiday fashion, D.D. Daily has a few pieces you might like.

4. Statement Accessories

We certainly don’t want to have our ears pierced again but we don’t like pulling out our real jewelry for everyone to see and possibly steal. Simple casual pieces can have earrings with the first letter of your name on them or make with some beads like the ones from Vestido and Janina Dizon. Earrings or necklaces are the ones that are the least prone to change so you can wear them in any season so long as you see yourself wearing them.

The Classics are back for 2021 Holiday Fashion Trends!

Nothing wrong with going back to the classics during the holiday. Since COVID-19’s all about resetting ourselves, we can start by renewing our fashion sense. We can change our clothes, take our time figuring out what we want to wear, and there’s no need to impress too many people. If teens can cope with the pandemic by changing their looks and exploring new fashion trends during the holidays, why can’t we?

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