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8 Best Online Stores To Buy Kids’ Furniture

Looking for online stores that carry furniture and accessories to help brighten up your kid’s room? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite online sources that are sure to have what you’re looking for.

Our kids have been mostly stuck at home for about eighteen months and counting. With the end of the pandemic still months away, it looks like no one is leaving the house anytime soon. Your child’s room is now probably a bedroom, classroom, and playroom all in one. It’s probably starting to become boring and monotonous (if it isn’t yet). Spruce up your kids’ room with the help of these online stores that feature cute and very functional additions to your kids’ room.

1. Ergo Kids

Let’s start with probably the most-used furniture this year and last – your child’s school desk and chair. It might be time to upgrade your study area for the new school year. If budget is not an issue, we highly recommend the study chairs and desks of Ergo Kids. These are specifically made for kids and have built-in features like a footrest, extra back support, and a wide base for extra stability. Your kids are sure to stay comfortable and well-supported during the long hours of Zoom class.  If you want to invest in high-quality furniture for your kids, Ergo Kids furniture is a great choice.

2. Tidily Home

Brought to you by Mica Canto of Tidily Ever After and interior designer Gelo Del Muno, this relatively new brand offers stylish and functional pieces that will fit right into any room. We especially love the Multi-Function Caddy that can organize any space instantly. In a kids room, it’s the perfect storage caddy for books, pens, notebooks, and other school supplies. The brand also offers sleek and multi-functional desks and storage benches that any distance learning or homeschooling mom will appreciate. We especially like their long work desk with a divider that’s perfect for siblings or for a parent working alongside their child.

3. Fun Nest

online store kids furniture

For little touches that make a big difference, our go-to store is Fun Nest. They have the cutest teepees, ball pits, and bean bags that both moms and kids will love. If you want to just add a few accessories to your child’s room to brighten it up, Fun Nest can help. Think a cute caraboo rocker in the corner of your playroom, or a child’s size peacock chair added to your lanai. They also carry unique wall decor, like a unicorn head that any little girl will love. Fun Nest also makes great gifts because they can personalize their items for you.

4. Incy Rooms

online store kids furniture - Incy Rooms

If your child’s room needs a complete overhaul, look no further than Incy Rooms. This well-loved local brand carries everything you’ll need to revamp your kid’s room. They have beds, book shelves, study tables, and kids chairs. We love their timeless yet contemporary style that will grow with your child. It’s well worth the investment when you know you can keep the furniture for years to come. Their special collection with Andi Manzano-Reyes deserves special mention for its well-designed features. 

5. Spinkie Baby

If your style is whimsical and dreamy, Spinkie Baby is right up your alley. Think canopies and pom-pom chandeliers that will fulfill any little girl’s princess room dreams. We especially love their sheer canopies that come in several colors. They also offer teepees, garlands, and pillows that will make any room Pinterest-ready. Spinkie Baby is a mom-owned brand and everything is sewn by moms, ensuring that each piece is handled with love and care.

6. Pottly N Tubbly

Another well-known local brand that offers premium children’s furniture is Pottly N Tubbly. Known for their floor beds, they also carry bean bags, teepees, lounge chairs, and more. We love their stylish rattan floor bed so much, we want it for ourselves! Instantly turn a corner of your room into a lounge area with their cute and comfortable designs. Your child will also think you’re the most fun parent ever when a Pottly N Tubbly bright blue deer bean bag or a pink flamingo teepee shows up at your door.

7. Furniture Manila

When your need is more function over form, and budget is a major deciding factor, Furniture Manila is an easy online source that will have what you’re looking for. You’ll find a selection of basic kids’ furniture here such as Uratex kiddie chairs, junior armchairs, and tables. Take note that these are for pre-order, so make sure you’re not in a rush when you add to cart. This online store also carries character cabinets (think Frozen Avengers), toddler beds, and cribs. Added bonus, you’ll also find a wide range of full-size adult furniture here.

8. Happy Kiddos PH

Lazada store Happy Kiddos PH carries a wide range of kids furniture including toy organizers, shelves, and wooden tables and chairs. Mostly made from wood and MDF, all items are well-priced and with clean designs that are sure to fit into any room. Take note that the items here will not last a lifetime, that’s why they’re very affordable, but they will definitely help get you through a few years of packing away toddler toys and homeschooling. 

Giving your child’s room a much-deserved makeover is sure to lift your child’s spirits during these uncertain times. Whether you decide to do a major overhaul or just decide to add a few thoughtful pieces, sprucing up your child’s space can do wonders for motivation. Not only will it brighten up your child’s space and spirits, but we’re sure a more organized space will also give your own spirits a much-needed boost. 

Getting the itch to add to cart? Here are some other things you can buy to spruce up your kids’ rooms!

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