5 Cute Toys That Help Kids Sort Out Their Emotions

Here are a few toys that can help our kids sort out their emotions.

Emotional regulation is a key component to helping our kids become resilient. When everything hits rock bottom, it takes a lot of mindfulness and discipline to keep those emotions from hurting other people. This is not to say however those negative feelings are invalid. It’s more on how one expresses them is what gets judged. But there’s no cookie-cutter way to teach kids how to sort out their emotions. These toys however make it easier for us to teach them.

1. The Reversible Mood Octopus

Comes in different colors, the reversible mood octopus is a cute stuffed toy that reflects two emotions per toy. It’s perfect for toddlers who are still understanding the complexities of anger, fear, or disgust. It’s quite a soft toy which makes it a perfect sleeping companion and it’s not the type of toy that’ll lose its appeal quickly. It also serves as a signal to us moms to better understand our kids’ emotions. Processing their emotions with the toy can help them figure out what else they’re feeling. They’re available on Etsy, Shoppee, and even Lazada.

2. The WhatitsFace Plush Toy

For more advanced feelings, the WhatitsFace plush toy can cover up to 6 expressions. There’s a little knob on its head that allows our kids to change the stuffed toy’s emotions, depending on how they feel. The best part about the toy is that it works well with imaginative play and encourages dialogue. It comes in the form of different animals such as a puppy dog, a cat, and a teddy bear which can easily be bought on their website

3. Emotion Stones

For kids who are allergic to dust caught up in stuffed toys, the Emotion Stones comes in a set with different expressions. It also encourages a deep understanding of complex emotions such as anxiety, apathy, and other emotions. It’s a mix between resin stones and real stones so it can be a lot heavier to keep. However, the wide selection of 12 emotions for our kids to select makes it all worth buying on Shoppee or on

4. Facial Expressions Fabric Mat

A more flexible toy, the Facial Expressions Fabric Mat gives our kids the freedom to really express their emotions. There are knitted eyebrows, wide eyes, a tight-lipped mouth, and other expressions that can help them figure out what they’re feeling. The best part about the toy is that it’s easy to keep since it’s a mat and can just be rolled up. Plus, some therapists do use this particular toy in Play Therapy since it allows more freedom of expression. It’s also available on Shoppee.

5. Emotions Cards for Kids

Most commonly used because it’s easy to store and it’s more comprehensive, the Emotions Cards help our kids point out exactly what they’re feeling. The cards can even extend to combinations and reveal more “mixed feelings”, which is common in kids during traumatic times or drastic changes. Especially for kids who aren’t fond of talking or communicating, the cards can serve as a medium for them to better build their confidence to share their feelings. These are commonly available on Shoppee and Lazada.

Creating an environment where our kids’ emotions are valid

During a high tension situation, some of our kids may express emotions that aren’t to our liking. Whether it’s in the form of yelling, crying, being snarky (for no reason), these are expressions that there’s something wrong. While it’s bad to take out their negative emotions on people, we have to remind and assure our kids that there will always be times that they’ll feel bad. That, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the repercussions of how our kids express their emotions will always be the ones noticed, which is something we need to work with them on.

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