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How To Appreciate Your Mom without Spending for Anything

You don’t always have to buy us moms anything to show that you appreciate us. Even little gestures will do.

Even if Mother’s Day is over, that doesn’t mean we don’t feel the need to be appreciated! We do a lot of the housework, raise the kids, and play disciplinarian almost all the time that it’s almost just a fairy tale to receive a break from doing all those things. We know that dads have it hard too but, we just need one day off. A day, an hour, thirty minutes — any amount of time will do as long as we have time for ourselves. And if you do, these are the things we’d like for you to do to help mom feel appreciated::

Watch a movie/series with her that she’s been wanting to watch

Mother's Day flowers? Not really, a good binge watch oughta do the trick!

With all the work that needs to be done in the house, we never have the time to make use of that PHP600/month subscription to Netflix! Sometimes, we need you to tell us it’s okay to go watch our favorite series or movies we’ve been missing out on. But watching Netflix by ourselves isn’t fun because there won’t be anyone to talk about the series with! So, we’d like for you to stay with us so you can let us fan-girl about it. You don’t have to understand; just listen.

Nothing shows appreciation than doing the chores for mom!

We know we can be meticulous with our chores but for once, we’d like to not do it for a day. Folding up clothes, sweeping the floors, washing dishes — these shouldn’t be just restricted to moms and women. It’s a normal thing for any grown-up to do especially if they’re living alone! We don’t need for you to do it all the time (though, it would be nice). Just maybe for a day or a week to give a mom time to appreciate herself. Give us time to practice a little self-care too.

Whipping up an old recipe

If it’s one thing we probably miss, it’s the old recipes of our own moms or lolas. They always made the best comfort food, whether it was just nachos or a sandwich We miss the days when they would give us Spanish Chocolate with Spanish Bread or even toasted white bread with sardines inside it. Food for us is one of the few ways we can connect with our moms and lolas who we haven’t seen in a long time especially because of the pandemic.

Giving her some alone time

We really love you and the kids but, we also need time for ourselves. All the exhaustion of arguing and disciplining the kids especially when we have to be the bad guy can really take its toll. Sometimes, we don’t mean to but we end up exploding because we’re just so tired and irritable. We’re human too as much as we want to be supermom. So, giving us a little extra 30 minutes on the clock for some extra shut-eye always helps.

Physical Affection

appreciate mom through hugs and kisses

A mom will always appreciate a hug or kiss from her partner or her kids. After a long day working around the house, sometimes, we have these moments where we want to break down. But a hug or kiss from a partner or kids will help remind us that even though it’s not what we expected, we are still appreciated for what we do around the house. Even a small “I love you” hug or kiss will really light up our day.

It sounds harder to show you appreciate mom this way but it’s actually a lot easier!

We know everyone’s used to giving flowers and we’re not saying flowers are a bad thing! While flowers make us feel pretty, it’s not exactly what we’re looking for. We have different love languages and flowers are just the gift form of love language. Sometimes, all we would like is maybe a bottle of Coke and a bowl of chips to enjoy while watching Netflix. Or, even a hug from you or the kids while saying “I love you” is good enough to make us feel appreciated.

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