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For Working Moms, 24/7 Takeouts are A Godsend

When working moms are looking for a healthy bite to eat, having these 24/7 takeouts are a blessing.

A lot of moms working at home now take on the graveyard shift in BPOs. Sure, it’s extra pay because of the differential—but the exchange is one’s health. There are not many restaurants open in the middle of the night save for the typical fast-food and convenience stores. But with Healthy Appetites by Rhian Ramos and Pia’s Kitchen now being on takeout 24/7 via CloudEats, there are more selections than just fried chicken, spaghetti, or microwaveable food.

Finding Good Food While On Graveyard Shift is Frustrating!

With working at home on graveyard shift being stressful enough, CloudEats offers 24/7 takeouts for working moms to grab some food instead of constantly having to whip up something in the kitchen. Pia’s World Kitchen offers a variety of food, inspired by Pia Wurtzbach’s travels around the world. Her menu reflects her latest travel and right now, their menu is offers the flavors of Japan through curry and teriyaki dishes—which have always been a fan favorite.

“We will be changing our menu every three months to highlight a different country or continent. I’ve been very hands-on in choosing what food to offer. It’ll be exciting for our customers because they get to try a different menu as if they were really traveling (with me),” Pia exclaims.

On the other side, Healthy Appetites by Rhian Ramos offers healthy takeout meals for working moms who are struggling to stick to their diets due to the lack of healthy food haunts that are open 24/7. From their keto-friendly Tofu Bowl with Cauliflower Rice to their nutritious Quinoa Power Bowl, it gives work-from-home moms a better chance to handle the stress their body takes with healthier options.

Making Healthy Food Always Available

A lot of moms turned to work from home as it gave them a chance to look after the kids and have a side hustle. But the only available jobs were those in the graveyard shift or those from international clients. Moms needed to invert their body clocks a full 180. That includes having meals during the strangest hours of the day. But with CloudEats being available 24/7 on GrabFood, work-from-home moms finally have more healthy options without the stress of cooking it themselves.

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