10 Vegetarian Restaurants To Add To Your List

If you’re looking for vegetarian restaurants beyond salad bars to eat, then check out these places to sit and have a meal.

People have become conscious and discreet of the food they eat. Restaurants make sure that the food they serve is not just delicious but also healthy. Healthy has gone beyond eating salads and establishments have been introducing more options for their customers. Here, we’ve listed down 10 vegetarian restaurants and places you can go to get that dose of non-guilty eating.

1. Corner Tree Café

For vegetarians, Corner Tree Café along Jupiter Street, Makati has been the go-to place for their favorite vegan food. Their dishes are composed of recipes from Asia to Africa. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat at Corner Tree Cafe because a lot of their customers are non-vegetarians who simply love their food.

The café has also party trays you can buy if you and your friends plan to have a party.

2. The Wholesome Table

The Wholesome Table is known for serving dishes from organic produce. Their sauces are made from scratch and the food is cooked fresh to be served to customers.

3. Kim King’s Kitchen

People know Kim King for her bone broth but she also has healthy ala carte food you can check out. Aside from bone broth and ala carte food, she also offers smoothies, desserts, healthy spreads, and snacks such as choco nibs and party nuts.

4. Wooden Plates PH

If you’re looking for Indian and Asian cuisine that is healthy online then check out Wooden Plates PH’s menu. From delicious salads to kebab meatloaf, their food is worth trying out.

5. Green Pastures

Green Pastures is another healthy place to go to if you want to eat without feeling guilty. Like other restaurants, they have begun serving party tray food as well. Currently, their restaurants are preparing to open after being closed due to the pandemic.

6. The Vegetarian Kitchen

Those in Quezon City must give the Vegetarian Kitchen a try. Located near ABS-CBN, the place according to its Facebook page said they ” take pride in serving you delicious plant-based and vegan food every time, all the time.” Aside from dining out, you can also order their party trays as alternative food options to parties. If you want quick meals, they have ready-to-cook packs you can buy.

vegetarian restaurant - The Vegetarian Kitchen

7. Earth Kitchen

Another restaurant that serves healthy meals and supports local farmers is Earth Kitchen, located in Quezon City. Their dishes, according to the website make sure to showcase the produce they get from around the Philippines.

Some of the must-tries in Earth Kitch include their Shrimp Rolls, Salmon Tartine, and Marinated Chicken Skewers.

8. Pipino Veg

Pipino has been a staple of vegetarian customers in Quezon City. Some of the dishes you can try are tofu tocilog, vegetarian burger, and eggplant and tofu miso. The best part is you can even order for delivery.

Pipino Veg - Vegetarian Restaurant

9. Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant

For quick and fast vegetarian dishes on the go, Bodhi Vegetarian restaurant is the place to go. Majority of their vegetarian choices are more Chinese than Filipino cuisine. The restaurant has branches in some of the SM food courts so it’s within your budget.

Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant

10. Earth Origins Marketplace + Cafe 

Earth Origins is a café and marketplace where you can dine and shop for fresh vegetables, meat, and other produce. They have four branches people can check out from the metropolis, assuring customers they don’t have to travel far to eat healthy. They have a variety of choices from organic meat to more vegetarian options in their restaurant.

Earth Origins - Vegetarian Restaurant

Eating healthy don’t have to be expensive

As people demand organic and fresh food in restaurants, dining out doesn’t have to be expensive. Vegetarian restaurants are one way to go and the experience of finding one is the fun part. Always remember to ask for recommendations from friends and family and see if they fit your budget and lifestyle.

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