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5 DIY Food Kits Your Children Will Love To Do And Eat

Running out of activities to do with your kids at home? Try out these DIY food kits so you and your kids can have some fun in the kitchen!

These days, a home is not just a home. It’s also a school and an office for those with online classes and who are working from home. With life centered around being at home most of the time, it’s not a surprise if you and your family end up running out of things to do when you’re not working or attending classes. If you happen to be on the hunt for something new to do with your kids, here’s an idea: why not head to the kitchen and cook or bake something using a DIY food kit?

Food is always best when it’s made from scratch but sometimes, the hours in a day are not enough to squeeze in a random grocery trip. Food kits have the ingredients you need in one package, making them super convenient to use.

We’ve got some food kit ideas below that you can check out. They include a cookie kit, a pasta kit, and even a popcorn kit perfect for a midnight snack!

DIY Food Kits Your Children Will Love

1. Cookie Kit from Cookie Project MNL

DIY Food Kits

Kids love cookies very much. They love it even more when they can decorate the cookies they’re about to eat themselves. If this is something you think your own children will enjoy, you should totally check out Cookie Project MNL.

Cookie Project MNL’s cookie kits are full of fun. You and your kids can decorate their sugar cookies using sprinkles and royal icings in different color options. The cookie kits are even themed. They’ve done sea creature cookie kits, dinosaur cookie kits, car cookie kits, and many more in the past.

To order your own cookie kit, message Cookie Project MNL on Facebook or Instagram

2. Cupcake Kit from The Dessert Kart PH

DIY Food Kits

If cookies aren’t really your kids’ thing, maybe cupcakes are. The Dessert Kart PH offers cupcake kits that will allow your children to flex their creativity as they decorate (and eventually eat!) their sweet treats.

The cupcakes are already baked and ready for decorating when the kits are delivered to your doorstep. The Dessert Kart PH also customizes kits, which make them perfect for birthdays or even themed Netflix marathons at home. 

Order a cupcake kit (or two!) from The Dessert Kart PH by messaging them on Facebook or Instagram. 

3. Doughnut Kit from Cello’s Doughnuts

Doughnuts are another example of sweet treats that are fun to decorate and eat. Luckily, for doughnut fans out there who want to experience decorating their own doughnuts, Cello’s Doughnuts offers what they call the Create-Your-Own Doughnut Kit.

Each doughnut kit includes three doughnuts that are ready for decorating, a chocolate glaze, one white chocolate glaze, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, and marshmallows.

To order online, you can visit the Cello’s Doughnuts website

4. Pizza Kit from PizzaExpress

DIY Food Kits

Ever since they opened their doors for the first time in Manila, PizzaExpress has been one of the go-to places for anyone with a pizza craving.

While it’s very convenient to have their ready-to-eat pizzas delivered straight to your home, why not add a little fun to your children’s pizza experience by ordering one of PizzaExpress’ pizza-making kits instead!

PizzaExpress offers four different flavors for their pizza-making kit: Original, Hawaiian, Rendang, and Beyond Teriyaki. If you’d like to have the option to choose from many toppings, go for the Original pizza-making kit. Its options for toppings include Ham & Bacon, Pepperoni & Mushroom, Bacon & Olives, and many more. 

You can order your pizza kit from the PizzaExpress online delivery website. You can also call 0917-703-0729 for delivery.

5. Popcorn Kit from Elephant in the Room MNL

With all the online streaming services available these days, watching a movie or going on an hours-long marathon is so much easier to do than before. If you want to go a little old school during your next Netflix session with the kids, why not add popcorn to the mix?

Elephant in the Room MNL is an online vegan and plant-based shop that offers different DIY food kits. One of their offerings happens to be a popcorn kit that comes with popcorn kernels and popcorn seasoning.

All you’ll need from your own kitchen is some olive oil and a pot with a lid. Instructions on how to make the popcorn are printed on the box of the DIY food kit so you’re all set to go.

Elephant in the Room MNL also has other DIY food kits such as a crinkle kit and a pesto kit that you can try out yourself.

You can check out all of the products of Elephant in the Room MNL by visiting their official website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

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