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2022 Philippine Elections: So Much Is At Stake According to Parents

The campaign season is heating up and many parents agree so much is on the line in the next 6 years for the 2022 Philippine Elections.

Since the campaign season started in February, candidates have been going around the Philippines courting voters explaining why they should be the next leaders. With a few weeks left before people head to the polls for the 2022 Philippine Elections on May 9, more people have been reviewing the qualifications of each candidate.

Modern Parenting spoke to two parents who are voting in this year’s polls on why this election matters to them more than ever.

Crucial 6 Years

For *Nicolai, who works as a teacher at a private school, the 2022 Philippine Elections has so much at stake.

“As a parent, our present, future, and our children’s future is at stake. Should we be blessed to have a decent administration this 2022, then a lot can be done in six years, meaning a lot is at stake. Our present situation may be improved, especially our future and our children’s future,” she said.

*Sandy, a parent to a daughter said that she signed up to register because she is doing for her child.

“Every vote counts, and I know my child is counting on mine. I love my country and I love my child – there’s no reason not to cast a vote to make a difference on both,” Sandy said.

Nicolai and Sandy agree that this election will be the most emotional one for many.

“This time it is different. Knowing that there is a possibility that history may repeat itself after what a lot of Filipinos fought for and went through is just terrifying as a parent. Knowing that there are people who opt for fake news rather than the reliable and reviewed sources accessible to the public is worrying,” Nicolai said.

“Honestly, I get teary-eyed when I watch clips of the recent campaign rallies,” Sandy said. “I think the turnout of this election means different things for all of us, but they are all important things. I think that’s where the passion is coming from.”

Action from the next government

Nicolai and Sandy are hopeful that the next administration will seriously take action on the issues the country is facing.

“As a parent, my child’s health is [a] top priority. Unfortunately, the pandemic emphasized how vulnerable our healthcare system is,” Sandy said. “There is a lack of support from the current administration. I have high hopes that the new administration will uplift our healthcare and lead it with truth, accountability, and empathy.”

“The biggest problems from my point of view that must be addressed with the help of the new administration in no particular order are the healthcare system, agriculture, and the ecosystem dynamics and conservation,” Nicolai said. “The pandemic led us to experience first-hand how flawed our ‘access’ to the healthcare system is and how the lower and middle-class struggle.”

“Agriculture is another thing to be addressed, especially since the Philippines is very rich in land and resources. This could mean more jobs and employment, and with proper agriculture comes proper environmental use.”

Educating people around them

With misinformation and information overload ongoing because of the 2022 Philippine Elections, Nicolai and Sandy are doing their part in educating people around them, especially those who are voting for different candidates.

“I am lucky enough that my family and close friends’ values and principles are similar to mine, but I enlighten my other friends by first relating things on a personal level. I always focus on empathy such as ‘if this happened to you, what would you think and how would you react?’ then leave them to it to hopefully think and reflect,” Nicolai said.

“Values are learned and processed during childhood and developed as we grow older, and as Filipinos, we were taught in school that our main values should be Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Maka-kalikasan, at Maka-bansa. I sometimes go back to this and also ask if this is still their case,” she added.

Sandy said she’s grateful to have family members who are willing to have healthy discussions. “I think it starts with effort – effort to educate yourself first, effort to start the conversation, and effort to listen as well.”

“While we wish for them to have an open mind, we also must have an open mind that they CAN change and not immediately dismiss it as a hopeless case.”

Wish for Filipino voters this May

As Filipinos head to the precincts on May 9 for the 2022 Philippine Elections, Nicolai and Sandy are hopeful voters will make the right decision.

“My wish for every registered Filipino for this coming election is to reflect hard and well. Don’t be swayed by fake news and hearsays. Don’t also undermine your senators, they have a big role in our administration,” Nicolai said.

“Before voting, we have to think of the candidates as if they are YOUR employees. What are their accomplishments? Have they been around, especially during the pandemic? Would you hire someone with track records of this and that? Are their platforms clear and attainable? Vote wisely, after all, we are for a better Philippines.”

“I read somewhere that voting is not only our right, [but it’s also] our power — and we all know that with power comes responsibility,” Sandy said. “So please, please let’s not just be mere voters, but responsible voters! Let’s do our research, fact check, and fact check again!”

*Names have been changed to protect the person’s identity

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