Simplified Adoption Law Now Signed! Here’s What It Covers

For those who want to adopt, the process has been made simpler with the Simplified Adoption Law!

The Simplified Adoption Law shines hope on couples who want kids but have a hard time having any. It also makes it easier for parents to find those who want someone to adopt their kids in hopes of giving them a better life. Because adoption had a messy process, people found other ways through selling or fabricating papers. But with the Simplified Adoption Law signed last January 13, 2022, here’s how it changes the adoption process for the better.

The New Ruling Body: The National Authority for Childcare (NACC)

The old Inter-Country Adoption Board formed under the Domestic Administrative Adoption and Alternative Child Care Act now changes into the National Authority for Child Care (NACC). Instead of having to chase different agencies, aspiring parents just need to go to the NACC to file for adoption. The former will be the one to judge and debate if the aspiring applicants will be good adoptive parents. They’re also the ones to punish should there be violations, according to the Simplified Adoption Law.

What are things under the Simplified Adoption Law?

The Simplified Adoption Law covers a variety of things such as criteria for adoption and violations. Some violations include faking birth certificates, child trafficking, and breaking confidentiality on legal adoption papers. The law also covers the mental well-being of the child especially if society discriminates against them because they’re adopted. Besides this, the court will actively take a role in making sure the child becomes legally adoptable even for cases before the law was passed.

A Parent’s Love for a Child should not be dictated by blood

Adoption doesn’t make one any less of a parent. Becoming a parent is both a choice and responsibility where we vow to raise our kids to become better people and help the world. But the paperwork discouraged a lot of people. While it’s important to have strict guidelines to make sure kids end up in a good home, it shouldn’t hinder those who can provide a good home to the point of discouraging them. With the new Simplified Adoption Law, we hope many kids can find their Forever Home too.

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