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5 Cutest and Most Creative Gender Reveal Ideas: Celebrity Edition

Few months after the pregnancy announcement, there’s the gender reveal. Here are some cute gender reveal ideas to inspire you!

After the pregnancy announcement then comes the gender reveal. And once we find out whether we’re having a prince or a princess, we sometimes just get so excited to share the news with everyone. But the pandemic’s here and gender reveal parties aren’t a thing for now. So, we’ll have to do either an online party or we can do lovable social media posts. But if you’re out of ideas, we’ve got you some cute gender reveal ideas from celebs to inspire you!

1. Balloon Popping with Sam Pinto-Semerad (@sampinto_)

Balloon popping’s probably the most metaphorical but cute way of going around it. After all, we usually say that the due date is when we “pop”. Sam and Anthony had the cutest way of revealing their baby’s gender, through a video recap of how her pregnancy journey was like. Towards the end of her vlog, Sam lets Anthony pop the balloon with pink, white, and gold glitter exploding in his face. “It’s a girl,” the two joyfully exclaim at the end of the vlog.

2. Riddle me this! x Treasure Hunt with Camille Co-Koro (@itscamilleco)

Though this will take a little more preparation, nothing builds the anticipation better than setting up a riddle-me-this activity for a gender reveal. Camille Co-Koro‘s vlog features the little boxes she made with engravings, each of them having the clue inside plus a bit of treasure hunting. The vlog builds up to the last part where Joni Koro strikes one for a moment but hits a home run on the second when the ball explodes into pink dust, revealing that baby Sienna was on the way.

3. Popcorn Popper with Sheena Halili-Manzanero (@mysheenahalili)

A variant of the single balloon popping, Sheena and Jeron held a small gathering at home with balloons and a tall popcorn bag on the side, containing several yellow balloons. Each yellow balloon contained either blue or pink confetti which be the baby’s gender. Towards the end of the video, the score ends with 5 for He and 7 for She revealing that Sheena was having her baby girl, Martina.

4. Rube Goldberg Machine x Confetti Shower by Joyce Pring (@joycepring)

For more nerdy parents or for those who just love the build-up of anticipation, a Rube Goldberg machine’s just the tickle you need for a gender reveal. Joyce Pring and her husband, Juancho Triviño had a video taken Treehouse Story to not only recap their journey together but also to welcome baby Triviño as a new chapter in their lives. The vlog ends with them standing at the end of the Rube Goldberg machine and pulling the strings to rain out blue confetti, revealing that Joyce was expecting a boy.

5. Mist and Cake by Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith)

A small but intimate gathering, Anne’s gender reveal was in the form of a cake. When Erwan sliced the cake, pink candy dust fell out of the cake revealing a girl. The attendees of the gender reveal of course placed their bets prior and finally confirmed the incoming of baby Dahlia Amélie. The video ends with Erwan and Anne holding pink-colored flares to celebrate Anne’s autumn baby.

There are a lot more cute gender reveal ideas out there!

Gender reveals can really hype up the anticipation in the next chapter of our lives as both mothers and fathers. Although there are some who like to keep it simple and quiet, that doesn’t make the joy of expecting any less. As the kids grow up and we look back at the photos of our gender reveals for our kids, we realize that sometimes — all the tears and laughter of raising our kids in becoming good people were all worth it.

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