5 Things Parents of Younger Kids Will Relate To

There’s just something we can all relate to being parents of younger kids, toddlers, and babies.

There are times parents of younger kids can suffer from brain fog. We’ll sometimes forget how to do College-level Algebra but remember the CoComelon theme-song word per word. When we go out with our mom friends, we sometimes end up asking for milk instead of a martini. Then, there are those times we get so emotionally invested in a character of a kid’s show as if they were from our favorite drama. Besides these, here are 5 other things parents of younger kids can relate to.

1. We sometimes subconsciously baby-talk our friends

As parents to our younger kids, we address them differently in tone, rhythm, and terms. But sometimes, spending a lot of time with our younger kids makes us adapt our baby-talk as a part of our speech. We start referring to wounds as “boo-boos” and sometimes, start talking to our friends in a sing-song manner. It’s not that we mean to but it just happens especially our brains are just so wired to always talking to our younger kids.

2. Humming the kids’ show theme-song while we work

If our kids are big fans of Pinkfong, CoComelon, Sesame Street then, we’re sure that the kids’ shows’ theme songs will be the thing constantly replaying in our heads. Whether we’re washing our kids’ plates (because we don’t trust their yaya’s levels of cleanliness) or doing household budgeting, we’re sure you’ll be humming the theme song after a few minutes. Dad might find it strange but don’t worry, he probably does it too while he’s helping out around the house.

3. Having friends in certain restaurants

When our kids get extra picky, we end up going to or ordering from that same restaurant over and over again just so there’s no fuss when they eat. At some point, we would have probably memorized the menu and made friends with the waiters and restaurant managers. They’ll even say, “Ah, hello ma’am/sir! Will it be your usual again?” Though it will lessen the brainpower on our part, it’s also frustrating that we can’t go to new restaurants. But don’t worry, they’ll grow out of their picky eating phase soon.

4. Having at least 2 bags

One bag’s our purse containing all our make-up, phone, wallet, etc. The other bag is the entire house exclusive of the kitchen sink! We parents do this to make sure we’re prepared to address whatever our younger kids need. We bring extra utensils, 5 milk bottles, 5 bottles of purified, filtered, and double-boiled water, a milk dispenser, an extra pair of pants, etc. It’s no surprise that if ever we moms get into weight-lifting, we’ll definitely surprise the gym trainers with our starting weights.

5. Our smartphones are filled… with every kids’ show episode we could download

Sometimes, we, parents are just too tired to deal with our younger kids. They’re so full of energy and we’re not. So, it’s no surprise that sometimes our smartphones serve as our substitute yayas. To keep our toddlers occupied so we have some peace in a restaurant, we whip out our phones, play an episode of CoComelon or two, and let our kids watch. We may feel guilty because it makes us look like less of a parent. But it’s better than handling a tantrum in a public space because our younger kids got restless and bored.

Don’t worry, a lot of parents with younger kids have this

We sometimes think we’re alone in the fight but even parents with older kids will tell you that they’ve been there. Their teens or young adults may not want anyone to know but their parents will tell you that their kids were like that when they were younger. Having moms and dads with kids who are the same age helps keep you sane as a mom. Don’t worry, moms and dads, time will fly so fast that they’ll be teens before you know it.

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