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5 Wedding Traditions That Some Moms Find Strange

There are wedding traditions that are so weird, some moms choose to opt-out of it.

When we watch our kids finally find the love of their lives, some of us hear the wedding bells ringing in the background. But with weddings come their own set of traditions. Some that some moms can find strange. They have their reasons but it can get them bumping heads with the photographer or some of the wedding suppliers. We asked a few moms what wedding traditions they’ve found strange and here are some of them.

wedding traditions

1. Walking their daughters down the aisle with their dad

One of the most confusing wedding traditions for some moms would be to walk their daughters down the aisle with their dads. Some moms would love to do so. But other moms find it strange because they feel like they’re being crowded in a tiny aisle. “It’s supposed to be about her, why am I there,” complained a mom. Some moms find it nonsensical and impractical because they feel they’re stealing the spotlight from their daughter. That, plus they’re also crowding the aisle where their daughters are supposed to be walking.

It’s a bit debatable but this is something we have to talk about with our daughters.

2. Sons dancing with their moms during the reception

Although it’s one of the sweeter wedding traditions, some moms opt out of it. Not all moms love dancing. Nor do they want to feel a number of eyes focusing on their every move. Some moms do away with this particular tradition and would rather let the dance floor belong to their sons and new wives. Some moms also feel they come “unprepared” and don’t realize they need a choreographer. To spare them the effort, they’d rather do away with the said tradition.

3. Being made to wear a gown

Based on old wedding traditions, the mother of the bride wears a gown in the primary color. But some moms would rather not because they find themselves unable to use it after. It’s why they would rather have a suit. However, some moms tough it out anyway because they know it’s part of the tradition and that their daughters might prefer them in a gown. Other brides would give their moms the okay to wear sneakers. But again, it depends on the bride.

4. Asking the bride to get her sister as a bridesmaid or maid of honor

While most daughters would, some mothers don’t want to obligate their daughters in choosing their sisters as bridesmaids or maids of honor. “It’s highly dependent on their personality and their age gap,” shares one mom. “If their age gap is 10+ years apart, the sister’s better off being a flower girl. Or if she has stage fright, it might be better not to let her march.”

However, it’s highly dependent on the bride and her sister. Some brides are quite close with their kid sister that they fool around halfway through the celebration, making their moms wonder if the two snuck a shot or two without them looking. Or, they just surrender and accept the two’s explanation that they end up “sharing only one brain cell” every time they’re together.

5. Grand pamanhikan or tinghun

Pamanhikan or ting hun is the event wherein the groom’s family asks for the hand of the bride. Usually, it’s just the immediate family. But sometimes, it becomes such a grand event when even the extended family gets involved. “Why can’t we just have dinner and talk?!” remarked some frustrated moms. Sometimes, the grand pamanhikan can cause additional stress for both families especially when spending on the food and arrangements.

wedding traditions

For some of us moms, these wedding traditions are just too stressful.

We’re really happy for our daughters but some of the wedding traditions just seem pointless because it adds an extra layer of expenses and logistics. Especially when COVID-19 was still at its peak, some of us would rather abandon it for the sake of practicality and health reasons. As long as it doesn’t affect our daughters’ special day in a bad way or even makes it better, there are some wedding traditions we’re willing to forego.

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