6 Best Ingredients For Our Babies’ Food

Here are some of the best ingredients to add to our babies’ food.

As new moms, we pour over so many books to figure out the best ingredients for our baby’s food. But with the Babycook® Solo, we can now cook and blend different ingredients together. This gives us more control over what to feed our babies. With 1,100 ml capacity, we can even keep the leftovers in a Beaba’s Expert Meal and Storage Food Pack.

So, here are some healthy ingredients to use for our babies’ food.

1. Squash

It’s soft, easy to mash, and loaded with beta-carotene and Vitamin A. Squash helps our babies’ skin and eyes stay clear. However, for many babies, squash can’t stand by itself taste-wise. What some moms do for baby puree is steam carrots with a bit of apple juice, and some chicken broth to make a delicious squash soup. Or you can mash it together with warm breastmilk!

2. Banana

Banana has such a strong and sweet flavor that babies can take it like ice cream. Rich in potassium, bananas are one of the last resorts of any mom if their baby doesn’t want to eat their food. Since babies develop their sweet taste buds first, banana is the best choice to get them to eat. Some studies recommend using ripe Latundan banana first since it’s easier to find.

3. Spinach

Rich in folate and Vitamins A, C, E, and K, spinach provides a variety of minerals to improve a baby’s immune system. For extra flavor, a few drops of sesame oil helps. It even gives babies some essential oils and fats. Word of caution: do not heat sesame oil! It’ll remove all the healthy properties of said oil.

4. Mango and Papaya

Rich in Vitamin C, mangoes and papayas help strengthen our babies’ gums. When they start teething, these will make it hurt less. Also, mangoes are sweet—which is another last resort if babies don’t want to eat their food. Papaya, on the other hand, is soft and has a lower sugar content than mango. When chilled, these two are healthy substitutes to ease the pain of teething.

5. Monggo

Beans have a lot of vitamins and monggo (or Mungo) is no different. Rich in Vitamin B-complex and iron, monggo is relatively easy to mash and is affordable. Some moms even swear by just steaming the beans and mixing them with milk.

6. Avocado

Fun fact: avocadoes have nutrients that are almost similar to breast milk, making them a good addition when moms have difficulty pumping. Mashing avocado and then mixing it with your milk may be one of the best ways to introduce unsaturated fats. This can help in our babies’ heart health and even brain development.

The Best Food for Babies

Sometimes, it’s hard to make baby food especially when it takes a lot of preparation. But the best food for babies is the food that’s clean and without preservatives. Their systems aren’t strong enough to handle that yet so it’s up to us moms to keep them on a clean diet until they’re older. This doesn’t mean barring it, however. Slowly introducing other foods over time helps them build a good relationship with food. But don’t worry, Beaba’s got your back with their products!

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