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Why It’s Important for New Moms to Find Support in Fellow Moms

Becoming a new mom is truly life-changing. And in challenging times, you need to find a tribe of other moms who can support you.

Being a new mom can bring about a multitude of emotions. On one hand, there’s the joy and excitement that come with having a beautiful baby. But on the other, it’s inevitable to feel anxious and exhausted—both of which are also normal. And in these challenging times, it’s crucial for a new mom’s mental and emotional health to find a tribe who understands what she’s going through and can offer support.

Finding Your Tribe: A Parentalk 2022 Segment

This is why Modern Parenting is excited to host Parentalk 2022 with a segment called Finding Your Tribe. It will highlight the importance of finding a mom or dad tribe to ground you in your parenting journey. Moreover, it will talk about why every parent needs a support system from people who have similar interests. Additionally, Parentalk 2022 will offer exclusive discussions featuring professionals and experts who can help guide parents in raising and taking care of themselves and their children.

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Together with Y.O.U Beauty Philippines, a beauty and skincare brand that aims to provide long-lasting beauty, moms can feel inspired to pamper and take better care of themselves. Because it’s true what they say—a healthy mom equals a healthy baby!

New Moms Can Learn from Kelly Misa Fernandez and Bianca Santiago Reinoso

The segment will feature model, host, and influencer, Kelly Misa Fernandez, and former fashion editor and influencer, Bianca Santiago Reinoso. The two are close friends who make up Baby Barangay—a squad of stylish moms that also include Cat Juan Ledesma, Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles, and Patty Laurel Ang. These women have definitely found their tribe in each other.

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Photo from Patty Laurel

Moms and Dads are Invited to Join Parentalk 2022

Be sure to catch Parentalk 2022 happening on April 6 and 7 at 3 PM. Finding Your Tribe will air on April 6 at 3 PM. Follow Modern Parenting on Facebook at and join the event here.

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