7 Cool Halloween Face Mask Designs For Your Kids

It’s Halloween! If we’re going out, we need some spooky face masks to get in the spirit of the spooktacular holiday.

Going trick-or-treating on Halloween during the pandemic? Make sure to do it safely! Even ghosts don’t want to get COVID-19 and wouldn’t wish any of our kids to get any. But what if our kids aren’t in the mood to go out as princesses or the typical vampires? What if they want something a little more unique to express their personality on Halloween? So, we decided to find some pretty cool Halloween face masks that can help amp up their costumes!

1. Samurai Face Mask

halloween face mask

If your older kids are into anime then, they’ll probably like a samurai design for a Halloween face mask. Samurai often wore masks and large helms to intimidate their enemies as if they’re being chased by a demon. Maybe for this Halloween, your kids can go with a samurai design for their Halloween face mask if they want to look like a Sengoku-era samurai or a rakshasa — a powerful spirit for battle. These can be found on Shopee.

2. Jack Skellington

halloween face mask

Nothing screams Halloween more than the pumpkin king himself, Jack Skellington, from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. The costume’s pretty easy to come up with, too. All your kids need is a pinstripe suit and a pumpkin to accompany them before they put on the Jack Skellington face mask. Some moms have opted to DIY it but you can also try buying it on Shopee or Lazada.

3. Squid Game Guard

halloween face mask

Netflix’s latest Battle Royale K-Drama certainly strikes fear this Halloween as childhood games are turned into a life or death situation. The face mask is relatively simple with just an X, O, or a triangle on it and any Squid Game fan would be struck with fear when they see it. The best part is, the costume’s just simple with either a hot pink hoodie and pants or going all black. We’re sure if your teens are in their angsty emo phase or they’re done with it, they have a few black hoodies to spare.

4. Heath Ledger’s Joker

As Halloween is now around the corner, we pay tribute to one of the most admired actors for Joker with this face mask. Joker’s fame as a villain in the Batman comics is because he doesn’t have a grand goal. He simply likes to stir things up and nothing’s more terrifying than having a villain with no motive. It’s available on Etsy so you might have to order it early to get one.

5. Venom

While Spiderman’s good and all, Venom’s become popular, too, as an anti-hero. Your older kids would probably enjoy the complexities of Venom as a character more so if they’re out of costume ideas. The Venom design might be a Halloween face mask they’d love. The best part is, they just need to wear a black or grey hoodie to look like Eddie Brock before he fused with the symbiote they’d know as Venom.

6. A Smoking Doctor

Enough with creepy and scary, let’s try something a little funny for a Halloween face mask. Doctors will probably get a kick out of this one considering that some of them do smoke to break off the nerves. After that, kids can probably wear some scrubs or a PPE suit to give our front liners a long, deserved, good laugh when they see little kids dressed up as them.

7. Chesire Cat

halloween face mask

If you’re looking for something low budget, grab some cat ears and a Cheshire Cat face mask, and your kids are all set with a cryptic smile. Unfortunately, they don’t have the old Disney version of the Cheshire Cat but a lot of stores like Etsy have the Tim Burton version of the Cheshire Cat.

Trick-or-Treating must be done safely with these Halloween face masks!

While our kids are itching to go out and have some fun trick-or-treating, let’s make sure they do it safely. Do remember that majority of these Halloween face masks are more for aesthetics than safety. Usually, we’d add an extra layer of protection with a surgical face mask to keep COVID-19 away. Don’t forget to also twist the straps of the face masks to tighten for extra protection so our kids can go around — COVID-free!

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