Treat Your Kids To These New Halloween Treats

Although we’re spending Halloween 2021 at home this year, there’s a lot of spooktacular and limited edition treats for your kids to enjoy!

Trick or treat, for Halloween 2021’s here to give you and your kids something good to eat! While our kids can’t go out for trick or treat, that doesn’t mean they can’t wear costumes and have the treats come to them at home. They can even enjoy the treats while joining some online Halloween parties. Sweeten up the spooktacular holiday with some of these treats from Oreo, Krispy Kreme, and Cadbury to scare the boo-ring ghosts away.

1. OREO Fizzy

Although we’re used to the Twist, Lick, and Dunk of the original OREO, why not try something a little more fizzy? Spark your kids’ love for Halloween with the newest and limited edition Oreo Fizzy, made with soda creme. We can already see that this fizzy Halloween treat will have the kids bouncing off the walls for something new. And for some OREO-ginal fun, we’d play a little 20 questions with their newly embossed OREO to add some family goodness this Halloween.

halloween treats kids oreo fizzy

2. Cadbury Buko Pandan

Tired of the typical dairy milk chocolate? Cadbury‘s got Buko Pandan-flavored chocolate to freshen up the palate. With the fresh buko and mild, sweet pandan flavor, Cadbury’s made this limited edition chocolate bar something that we can enjoy multiple times without getting tired of it. If you’re planning to have a tropical Halloween and are looking for some tropical treats for your kids, Cadbury’s Buko Pandan flavored chocolate’s got you covered. All it takes is a little trip to the supermarket.

halloween treats kids cadbury buko pandan

3. Cadbury Hazelnut

We’ve all been feeling nutty this pandemic so time to spoil ourselves with Hazelnut-flavored Cadbury chocolate. Enjoy Nutella in chocolate bar form instead of trying to find space for a new jar. It’s also a good addition to decorating a Halloween cake if your kids’ birthday happens to fall near Halloween. Add some gelato or some ice cream or even crush the Cadbury Hazelnut Chocolate to form the crust of a cheesecake for a Halloween cupcake treat for your kids. They’re going to be available in the supermarket.

halloween treats kids cadbury hazelnut

4. Krispy Kreme’s Pumpkin Spice Line

Celebrate Halloween and Fall with the new Pumpkin Spice treats from Krispy Kreme. You can even join the fun with your older kids as you all joke around on how Pumpkin Spice is a strange “white” coffee concoction. But they’re not just putting Pumpkin Spice in their coffee. They have some Pumpkin Spice Crueller Donuts by the dozen that you can buy and deliver to your relatives to spread the spooktacular cheer.

5. Mark’s and Spencer’s Halloween Goodies

Mark’s and Spencer’s may be a luxury store to many but it looks like they’re joining in on the spooktacular fun too! From Sour Spiders to Magical Dragon Eggs, there’s a lot to enjoy from Mark’s and Spencer’s especially when it comes to their treats. For something more savory, the extra cheesy Vampire Fangs ought to get everyone excited. Don’t forget to follow Marks and Spencer at and Instagram @marksandspencerph to get the latest updates on where to buy their Halloween goodies.

#Halloween2021: Make the treats spooktacular for our kids!

Halloween’s always been the holiday for our kids especially when they get to hang out with their cousins and friends while grabbing all the candies from different houses. Although they’re not going to have Trick-or-Treat again this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t have Halloween treats delivered for our kids to enjoy. Make #Halloween2021 the most joyous time to remember before Christmas hits. Have a boo-tiful Halloween!

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