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7 IG PH Bakeries We Need To Order From

Trying to add to your bakery directory? Here are some IG bakeries to order from!

Whether it’s to satisfy a sweet tooth or to buy a gift for Christmas, we all need to try out these new bakeries on IG. Facebook may have a lot but many bakeries and curators prefer IG since it’s mostly for pictures. Whether it’s cakes, cupcakes, or suppliers for wedding cakes, a lot of these IG bakeries have their specialties and Christmas edition desserts which we can’t ignore.

IG Bakeries to Check Out

1. Pajama Baker

IG bakery

Located in Metro Manila, this IG bakery specializes in frozen cakes in tin cans. They have a small variety but we’re sure each and every one of them is tasty. The Pajama Baker has their beloved Speculoos Frozen Cake with spice cookie crumbles drizzled all over the cake. If you’re not into cookies then, there’s the Dalgona Coffee or Malted Milk frozen cakes for those who have simpler tastes.

2. IJO Bakery

IG bakery

Specializing in bread more than cakes, IJO Bakery is perfect for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth. But their biggest selling point is their Croissant which we can enjoy with everything. We eat Croissant with jam, butter, and sometimes — with nothing else. Located in Batangas, the IG bakery’s run by a Michelin-trained chef who specializes in making a variety of other puff pastry.

3. Batter Up Desserts

IG bakery

Looking for more cookies? Batter Up Desserts specializes in a variety of cookies, including Snickerdoodles! While cookies are their most beloved, the IG bakery also offers pound cakes and revel bars. They have Campfire Brownies or Dark Chocolate Revel Bars which are a must-try, too. Currently, they have some holiday offerings like Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies, Chocolate-dipped Snickerdoodle, and the nostalgic Hot Cocoa Cookie.

4. Ponchitos PH

For a Korean-themed Christmas, go for a Korean-inspired box cake from Ponchitos PH. With some nice BTS Christmas songs playing through the speakers, you’ll want to try out their Strawberries and Cream Box Cake. Or, their Banana Apple Cream Box Cake which is something new compared to the usual Banoffee Pie. Make sure to consume them right away though since all their ingredients are fresh.

5. Fayebakerist

IG bakery

If your kids are celebrating their birthdays in January, Fayebakerist specializes in custom, minimalist design cakes. This IG bakery specializes in cakes and has a variety of flavors. They also do little nibbles like meringues, cookies, bread, and even muffins. A former attempt at therapy now became lucrative for the Fayebakerist Bakeshop especially in putting smiles on our kids’ faces on their birthdays.

6. Butter Bakery PH

Home of the Korean fat Macaron, Butter Bakery has a variety of designs for macarons. They even have cute faces on them! Their macarons often have fillings like Chocnut, Jellypong, and even Chocolate and Yema to sweeten the deal. The majority of their designs focus more on K-Dramas like Squid Game, so if your teens are into that, they’d probably enjoy some fat macarons to keep the munchies away.

7. The Manila Baker

With the Burnt Basque Cheesecake becoming a trend, look no further than The Manila Baker. While this IG Bakery has other sweet goodies on its menu, the most beloved is their Burnt Basque Cheesecake. The cream cheese is a foodgasmic, melt-in-your-mouth experience that just makes you forget that you’re on a diet. They also come in a variety of flavors such as blueberry, chocolate hazelnut, and strawberry.

Satisfy your sweet cravings with these IG bakeries!

We know we have diets to follow but it wouldn’t hurt to indulge a bit. Besides, the holidays are the best time to buy pastries and desserts from these IG bakeries because they’re unique. A lot of times, bigger bakeries don’t sell the stuff they do because they’re stuck following a particular menu. So, if you’re looking to explore these holidays for your sweet treats, try these IG bakeries. You won’t regret them!

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