A Parent’s Music Playlist To Get Babies To Sleep

Here’s some music you can add to your Spotify playlist to get your baby to sleep.

As babies, we all had a particular playlist our parents played to get us to sleep. From singing lullabies themselves to playing cassettes and MP3 players, music helped set the mood for babies to fall asleep. Although, lullabies can range from really soothing to creepy music box music that’s often played in horror movies. But with the help of other parents, here’s some music we think you can add to your Spotify playlist to get your babies to sleep.

1. Sunshine on My Shoulders by Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman has been the staple for parents’ music playlist for getting their babies to sleep for years. Plus, the title says it all. Having our babies fall asleep on our shoulders can become the most heartwarming thing ever.

2. Remember Me by David Healer

Although our babies may not remember how we played this song for them to help them sleep, we’ll want our babies to always remember us. When Coco first released this song, it was an absolute tear-jerker especially when Miguel played it for his Abuela, Coco, to help her remember her dad.

3. You’ll Be In My Heart by The Piano Guys

Originally sung by Phil Collins in the Tarzan Movie, this song became a staple especially because of its context. Tarzan found himself unaccepted by the rest of the gorillas. But like any mother, Kala loved him anyway. Knowing the song’s context and the Piano Guys’ arrangement makes it a great addition to our music playlist, knowing as our babies sleep, it’s our way of telling them that we’ll always love them.

4. How Far I’ll Go by Jim Brickman

If our babies love the Moana movie then, Jim Brickman’s got you covered with his rendition of How Far I’ll Go. Originally a ballad, Jim Brickman’s piano version of the song easily turns it into a dreamy lullaby for our babies.

5. Colors of the Wind by Andy Tallent

Pocahantas had a lot of wonderful songs to add to our Disney music playlist. It just so happens that Andy Tallent made a wonderful piano rendition of Colors of the Wind to soothe our babies to sleep.

6. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Ralph Aachen

When Jason Castro played this song on the ukelele for American Idol, we thought that was as cute as it gets. But Ralph Aachen made this one on the piano to soothe our babies to sleep.

7. Somewhere Out There by The Suntrees Sky

Originally sung by Linda Rondstadt and the late James Ingram, Somewhere Out There became the theme song for An American Tail. We love this song because it inspires people to look to the sky when sad. It just so happened that The Suntrees Sky made a lullaby version for our babies.

8. Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins

You’ll have to soften the volume a little more for this one. When Kenny Loggins wrote this song, he was inspired by his son who loved Winnie the Pooh very much. During the bridge of the song, he even sings how he tucked his boy into bed.

9. For Good by Jim Brickman

Originally sung by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel, For Good is one of the more mellow pieces from Wicked. Just like how Glinda changed Elphaba for the better, so did our babies. This broadway musical piece has several piano versions but this so far had the best batting average when putting our babies to sleep.

Mix it up with some classical pieces

While studies have shown that listening to classical music does improve babies’ brain development while they sleep, it’s nice to have a few modern pieces in the playlist, too. Besides, not all classical pieces are soothing. We can’t really play Bach or Beethoven to lull our babies to sleep. Ode to Joy originally even had a chanting choir with it! While these songs were surefire for some parents, it’s nice to have a lullaby for your baby that you two could call “your song”.

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