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Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon Reveals Solution to Their Sleepless Night

Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon’s daughter Felize uses the newest Pampers Overnight Pants that affords them to get enough sleep at night

McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson or known by their monicker McLisse are enjoying their life as parents to daughter Felize but the couple also face a challenge all first-time parents go through; the lack of sleep. As first-time parents, part of their life is waking up in the wee hours of the morning and changing diapers.

Depending on the need, diaper changing can be two to four times, especially in the evening. This can be time-consuming and disrupts also the child’s sleep and leaves parents with sleep deprivation.

Just like other parents out there, McCoy and Elisse know that it’s important that they use a brand that is trusted, cost-effective, and lessens diaper changes for Felize. They want a diaper that could be worn throughout the night but not cause rashes or allergies.

Thanks to research and product testing, companies have created the Overnight Pants. The Overnight Pants is a welcome development for parents because those behind the product made sure that babies thanks to countless tests will be able to wear it overnight without the worry of a wet bum.

Unlike other diapers, the new Pampers Overnight Pants can be left for a few hours. Sometimes when parents check their kids for a possible change, they are surprised that they don’t need to change it immediately compared to the previous two to four times they do. It’s recommended that they use the Overnight Pants when their kids go to sleep and wear a regular diaper during the day.

Trusted diaper brand for Elisse and McCoy

The couple was recently introduced to Pampers Overnight Pants. The Overnight Pants has been a game-changer for the couple because not only has this lessened diaper change for Felize, but also provides the comfort they need.

“Because of the Pampers Overnight Pants, we do not wake up in the middle of the night anymore just to change Felize’s diaper,” Elisse said. ” Aside from no overnight change, we are happy that despite her wearing 1 and just the same diaper all night, her skin has not reacted badly.”

Many parents often worry about soaked diapers that could lead to rashes and allergies. But with McCoy and Elisse’s experience, they can breathe a sigh of relief because the new Pampers Overnight Pants have zero babad protection and a rash shield that protect the baby’s skin. Its new printed Nightlock Belt that’s wrapped around the baby comfortably also prevents nighttime leaks.

Don’t be afraid to test and switch

With many diaper brands in the market, it’s important for parents to keep on looking for a brand that their children will be comfortable with especially overnight. Elisse and McCoy personally did a demonstration of the Pampers Overnight Pants by pouring 10 cups of liquid to test the claims and to their astonishment, it remained dry.

Aside from being comfortable, it’s important that the diapers you buy will not cause allergies and rashes to your baby’s bum. So go try out the #ZeroBabadOvernight Pants. After all, it’s better to prevent than hear your child cry non-stop at night.

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