Elisse Joson and Sofia Andres’ Daughters Meet and Everyone’s Gushing Over It

Elisse Joson and Sofia Andres’ daughters finally meet. Maymay Entrata also dropped by to see Baby Felize!

Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon’s daughter Felize has become the latest celebrity baby everyone’s gushing about. As they slowly shared photos of Felize to the public, some of their closest friends have started getting to know their little one. Elisse’s good friends Maymmay Entrata and Sofia Andres recently got to meet Felize. Elisse shared some snaps of them together last November 14 with Sofia’s daughter Zoe.

Felize and Zoe Meet

“Good morning to these beautiful people who took the time to visit Felize. I love seeing her curious little face whenever she meets familiar and new people,” Elisse wrote.

Elisse Joson and Sofia Andres' Daughters Meet

Aside from Maymay and Sofia, another friend of Elisse, actress Michelle Vito got to meet the little tyke as shared in the series of photos on November 12.

“Hello, Tita Michelle. Thanks for visiting Felize. Pero hindi ko talaga alam bakit siya naiiyak pag nakikita ka niya,” Elisse wrote.

Elisse Joson and Sofia Andres' Daughters Meet

Elisse also shared that her daughter is now seven months old. She wrote on Instagram: “Happy 7 months, Felize! It’s true what they say, time goes by so fast when you have a little one So we’ll treasure each moment with you because next thing we know, you’ll be wanting to gimik na without mommy and daddy. Haha.”

McCoy and Elisse, who first met during Pinoy Big Brother in 2016, returned to the Big Brother House last October 31 and confirmed the news they were already parents to a baby girl. The couple has since shared photos of their daughter on social media including a vlog.

Elisse Joson and Sofia Andres’ Daughters Meet

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