Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui Share Their Baby’s Newborn Shoot

Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui shared photos from their baby’s newborn shoot and we can’t get enough of it!

As new parents, we always do our best to capture every moment of our firstborn child. We don’t want to miss anything so we take a lot of photos to make sure that we never forget. Celebrity new parents Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui did the same thing for their baby girl, Olivia Robin. They chose earthy hues for their newborn shoot’s theme.

Aeriel Garcia and Patrick Sugui Share Their Baby's Newborn Shoot
Source: patsugui and aeriel Instagram

“Can’t get enough of you, my love.”

While we can take our baby’s photos ourselves, there are times we feel that our phone’s camera does not do our baby’s cuteness justice. That’s probably what went through Patrick Sugui and Aeriel Garcia’s minds when they started taking some photos of their newborn daughter. Besides, taking the photos ourselves means that one parent needs to be the one to take the picture. A selfie stick doesn’t always cut it, especially when we can’t get enough of our new baby; something that both Aeriel and Patrick echo on their respective Instagram accounts about Olivia.

As parents, we want our moments with our babies to be frozen in time. Some of us are lucky to have a relative who willingly takes photos of us. Others invest in a lot of photography equipment to DIY their baby’s newborn shoot. We will go to all sorts of lengths to freeze these moments in time.

Aerial Garcia's baby girl
Source: patsugui and aeriel Instagram

A new baby always means a new chapter in a family’s life

Everyone goes through milestones, but having a new baby means changing our lives completely. We soon realize that we created another person who will eventually have beliefs and dreams of their own. While that same realization is sometimes what makes parenting a bumpy ride, it’s also one that fills us with so much motivation to preserve every moment we have as a family. These photos that Aeriel and Patrick took of their little family will be the core memories that we know will motivate them to always be the parents that Olivia needs.

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