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Humility Above All: Anna Magkawas on Staying Grounded Amid Her Success

Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group Founder Anna Magkawas balances motherhood and her beauty empire through the lenses of compassion

Come to think of it, running your own company is in a way similar to raising a family. The parents are the CEOs, in charge of securing the well-being of everyone under their wings. The children are the staff, guided by helping hands as they navigate the world around them. With the two needing each other to keep everything in harmony, both are equally important in the grand scheme of things.

Both a mother and the woman behind one of the leading local brands Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group, Anna Magkawas finds herself tackling both endeavors with assertive gentleness and humility.

Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group Founder Anna Magkawas

Starting at the core

Anna Magkawas is what we know to be a self-made woman. Not being born with a silver spoon, the success of her beauty brand is something she painstakingly built from the ground up over the years. But Anna is well aware how her three children: MK, MJ, and Chanel, are enjoying a comfortable life thanks to the fruits of her labor, of course with the help of her husband Mel as well. Knowing how her kids are being raised in a privileged environment, Anna and her husband always make sure that they raise their children with humility and respect.

“My favorite moments of being a mother is witnessing them grow and become their own person.”

Anna Magkawas on the highlights of motherhood

“[My kids] are already living and enjoying a comfortable life, which is something my husband and I didn’t experience before. But I still want them to grow up with humility and respect for everyone. I want them to understand that even though their way of living is different from others, they still know how to treat everyone equally and respectfully,” she explains.

Admittedly, Anna reveals that her persona doesn’t actually change when it comes to family and business. She is firm yet remains gentle even with her employees.

Staying present

Taking the reins of an entire beauty brand is no small undertaking, much less when you also have a family to raise. As the founder of one of the beauty and wellness brands that have taken the local market by storm, Anna finds herself occupied with the business but this doesn’t stop her from taking a hands-on approach when it comes to being a parent.

Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group Founder Anna Magkawas and her family

“I have a rule for myself that no matter how busy I get, if there’s an important event or appointment with my kids, I’ll make sure to clear my schedule. I’ll see to it that I’m present in all of those special moments when it comes to my family,” the businesswoman remarks because for her, it’s all a matter of prioritization.

“You really need to know your priorities in life. What are the things that actually make you happy? We need to survive, yes. But at the end of the day, it’s really the family that makes [me] happy,” Anna firmly declares.

Juggling a beauty empire and being a hands-on parent will never be an easy feat. But for Anna, her heart lies in her love for her family and her passion in helping her community in achieving their best selves — and there’s nothing stronger than the passion and dedication of a mother determined to give her best in all aspects of her life.

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