Bambi del Rosario-Young: Tip of the Iceberg

Icebergs General Manager Bambi del Rosario-Young talks about maintaining a beloved legacy brand and balancing family life while stepping out on her own.

This story about Bambi del Rosario-Young appeared in the Modern Parenting Mother’s Day and Father’s Day May 2024 issue.

Sometimes, nothing can really beat the classics. In the sea of food concepts that pop up left and right, the restaurant scene is filled with brands all vying for attention with novel gimmicks and unique ideas.

Yet Icebergs, one of Manila’s most beloved dining spots, is sticking to its tried and tested formula: timeless halo-halo and sundaes, alongside old-fashioned comfort food. Bambi del Rosario-Young, the General Manager of Icebergs, says its comforting and homey vibe is the brand’s special strength.

Nothing beats comfort

“The nice thing about Icebergs is that it became like a comfort food restaurant. People would always ask, ‘Where are we going to eat?’ They always end up at Icebergs because alam nila, it’s comfort food. They know what to order. It’s always available, and it’s good servings at good price points,” Bambi shares.

Icebergs began with Bambi’s mother-in-law, Juliet Young, who started the decades-long business simply as an outlet while her children were growing up. “From the second branch onward, it was handled and operated by my husband, Allan. So when we met [and] got married, that’s when I helped. I grew up looking up to my sister and my brother with their respective restaurants, and now it’s my turn,” she explains.

Today’s diners may be on the constant lookout for what is new and interesting, but the brand has relied on loyalty and nostalgia, as it thanks its long-time customers and loyal followers — especially during the precarious time of the pandemic.

Bambi Del Rosario-Young

Managing a business and a household

Running a legacy business has its perks — including being able to spend time with her kids, Annika, 14, and Lazslo, 8. “We bond a lot. I’m a hands-on mom. We talk every day since we’re a very close-knit family. We do a lot together. And the center of our family is really our kids more than the work,” she explains.

Yet as manager, Bambi naturally draws parallels between managing a household and a full-time job, which she chalks down to open communication. “We talk to our supervisors regularly and we check up also with the office on what they need because sometimes they’re scared to tell us what they need. So they course it through the office.”

“We always talk to the office—what do they need, how can we improve? And then they report to us every night, like, is there a complaint, suggestion, accolade, or compliment given to us? It’s the same with my kids. I always check in with them, like, ‘How was your day?’ We’re that type,” she shares.

Recently, the restaurateur has added wellness to her entrepreneurial portfolio with the launch of her collagen brand, Smarter Dose Collagen 5  — a food supplement that helps achieve youthful, radiant skin and a healthier gut. It comes in sachets and is unflavored, which can be easily mixed into drinks.

Just as Bambi maintains authenticity as an entrepreneur and content creator, she stays true to herself as a parent. “You should always be true to yourself. Like, who are you as a person? Because if you’re able to spend time doing what you love, you’d be able to give more to the people that you love,” she ends.

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