Beast 2022: When There Are Two, Which One Wins?

Beast (2022) tackles two kinds of beasts: one that’s supposed to abide by the laws of the jungle and one that doesn’t.

There is a popular proverb that says, “the beast that will win is the one that is most fed”. In which, there are two beasts to contend with in the 2022 American survival film Beast. Starring Idris Elba as Dr. Nate Samuel, he faces two beasts. Besides the rogue and battle-hardened lion that’s hellbent on taking vengeance on the villagers in the vicinity, there’s also the beast that’s currently tearing his family apart.

To appreciate, there’s a need to understand Grief, the creator of terrifying beasts.

Beast is not the usual film in 2022 that tackles something light-hearted and easy to find on the surface. Rather, it tackles a feeling all too familiar: grief. The sharp, barbed remarks that come from two grief-stricken teenage daughters are all too familiar when their estranged father, Dr. Nate Samuel, returns to try and reconnect with the one place they’re familiar with: Africa. While humans are capable of speech, creatures are not and express their grief in the one way they know how. They kill.

The Layers of Emotion and Philosophy are quite subtle.

It may not make sense to many on the first watch but, it eventually sinks in. From understanding the massive Barbary Lion’s focus on annihilation rather than survival to understanding one trying to reconnect with a family, it asks people to examine the Laws of the Jungle from a different perspective. Wherein, the Laws of the Jungle demand Death to those who feed their grief.

“It’s the law of the jungle. It’s the only law that matters.”

Sometimes, it takes a harsh slap from reality to find the motivation to move past that grief. While animals aren’t so lucky to find that peace, humans still have that chance. Beast (2022) investigates human nature while tackling a more primal side to emotions with a physical and fatal manifest. As Beast (2022) debuts this August 24, 2022, many may find themselves forced to answer the question about their own grief: When there are two beasts, which one wins?

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