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Best Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Can Splurge On

Here’s a list of the best mother’s day gifts moms can splurge on themselves.

Mother’s Day usually has moms receiving flowers and chocolates from their loved ones as gifts. However, some moms may prefer to splurge and buy some gifts for themselves. There’s that sense of achievement when we do buy that gift. It tells us, “It’s Mother’s Day, I’ve done everything I can and I totally deserve this!” But if we’re not sure what to splurge on, here are the timeless and practical gifts we can treat ourselves to on Mother’s Day.

1. Neutral Colored Shoes

If we’re going to splurge on shoes for a Mother’s Day gift then, it’s best to get neutral-colored ones. Dune London’s Spring and Summer Collection plays with more beige, white, and black which will always be classic and chic. These shoes can go from formal to casual, which is something we’d like to try especially when we love following stylish British mom icons like Duchess Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle.

2. Resort Wear for Staycations

When planning a staycation or going to a resort, we always want to go to something more comfortable and breezy to feel the full experience. Lotus’ SS22 Collection features a long line of resort wear that helps moms feel more free and relaxed. Besides, the fun part about using resort wear and having some of the right pieces is that we can use it anytime. Plus, if we’re going to a resort to have the best Mother’s Day ever, might as well gift ourselves some breezy and cute clothes to make the most of it.

3. Minimalist Wear

When was the last time we updated our wardrobe? Considering our busy schedules and the constant telling of ourselves “We don’t need it”, we’d guess it’s been a while. But since we’re trying to have the best Mother’s Day ever, there’s no need to explain to people that we’d gift ourselves with something on the more expensive side. Moreover, we moms just love classy and practical pieces from Lady Rustan’s.

4. A New Signature Bag

The best Mother’s Day gifts are the kind of gifts that don’t lose their value over time. And signature bags are not just for style; they’re an investment! Consider Longchamp and André’s collaboration pieces. These are limited editions which means that their value can climb over time. Not to mention—if our clothes are going to be neutral, it’s nice to splurge on a bag that has a more avant-garde approach to fashion and personality.

5. Comfy Sleepwear

Higher quality of sleep means better parenting for us because we now have the perfect sleeping conditions. Aside from thickening our beds with a fluffy mattress topper, being in our favorite Luna loungewear or sleepwear that’s just so soft makes nodding off not a problem. In addition, the best Mother’s Day gift for any mom (especially for new moms!) is sleep. And if we are, we want it in the most comfortable and softest clothes and mattresses possible since going on a staycation may not be practical for some of us.

Don’t forget to pair it with a pair of fluffy slip-ons from Fluffe.

6. New Athletic Wear

Seeing all those celebrity moms can really hit us with some fitspiration so it’s time to get some athletic clothes. With exercise being one of the more active forms of self-care, feeling cute and beautiful is a right that we moms have even if we’re covered in sweat after a strenuous yoga workout. Our fitness journey will help us achieve a Future Relic: having a healthier, fitter body with us being more mindful to prevent diseases that run in the family. It’s a long-term investment.

7. Dehumidifiers

Nothing annoys us and our older kids more than seeing our favorite signature brand bags deteriorate because of humidity. Love My Bags Dehumidifier has silica gel which absorbs moisture—preventing our things from suffering damage such as rust, mildew, and mold, and also keeps the termites away. It’s even easy to use. Just put one sachet in per storage then place it under the sun to make sure it stays potent enough to keep the humidity away.

The best mother’s day gift for us is allowing us to splurge with no judgment.

We barely get the time to splurge but when we do, it’s strange to some people. However, for Mother’s Day, we’ve earned that right for the next 24 hours. Whether it’s for ourselves or something to soothe our anxiety as moms, buying certain gifts a Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, the Kanebo Layered Eyeshadow, or just buying a box of Organic Baby Wipes are something we’d appreciate to let ourselves know we’re appreciated!

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