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10 of the Best TV Dads and Why We Love Them

These TV dads definitely have a special place in the hearts of an entire generation.

Family sitcoms are simply fun to binge-watch with everyone at home. Those Friday nights full of popcorn, snacks, and laughter are actually core memories for many families. And for some of us, these TV dads have made such an impression that we even quote them or send memes to our parents, siblings, and friends! Check out the best TV dads and why we love them!

10 Best TV Dads

1. Phil Dunphy of Modern Family

Though he’s not the smartest on the list, Phil Dunphy is accepting, understanding, and really good at pretending to know magic. His goofiness is all we need—not to mention his book of life mottos called Phil’sosophies, which is full of hilarious but also profound advice.

2. Burt Hummel of Glee

While Glee had so many loud and outrageous characters, Burt Hummel was one of the more quiet and low-profile ones. He was one of the best, too. He’s a single dad who works as a mechanic and loves football. Burt’s a loving and protective father as well—especially when his son Kurt came out as gay.

3. Cyrus Rose of Gossip Girl

While it took Blair Waldorf a while to warm up to her step-father, Cyrus Rose was the sweetest and most supportive father figure. He even offered wholesome joy to the often problematic Waldorf family.

4. Sandy Cohen of The OC

Sandy Cohen had the most wonderful relationship with his biological son Seth. But what put him on our list is how he took in Ryan Atwood—a juvenile teen who everyone else abandoned—and treated him like his own son.

5. Danny Tanner of Full House

Danny Tanner, played by the late Bog Saget, is America’s dad for a reason. He was one of the most endearing TV dads as he tried to navigate life as a single father with three daughters.

6. Louis Huang of Fresh Off the Boat

While Fresh Off the Boat focuses on mostly Eddie Huang’s life, the eldest of three brothers, it’s their dad, Louis, who often steals the show. His optimism is truly contagious and we admire him for being able to manage a very controlling partner, Jessica.

7. Terry Jeffords of Brooklyn Nine-nine

In the series, it’s evident how much Sgt. Terry Jeffords loves his twins Cagney and Lacey. He finds every excuse to insert them into his conversations with fellow police officers.

8. Marvin Eriksen Sr. of How I Met Your Mother

Though not a staple in the series, we love Marshall’s close relationship with his father, Marvin Eriksen Sr. In fact, his passing was one of the saddest and most emotional episodes of the sitcom.

9. Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Philip Banks was one of the best TV dads despite his temper. Aside from being a good father to Hilary, Ashley, Carlton, and Nicky, he became Will’s paternal figure as well.

10. Jim Hopper of Stranger Things

Jim Hopper is one of the most dynamic and favorite characters on Stranger Things. His backstory of losing his young daughter to cancer is one of the most heartbreaking scenes. But him adopting Eleven and being a loving, protective father has made him the ultimate TV dad.

Who’s your favorite TV dad?

As Father’s Day draws near, we’re sure you have a lot of sitcoms lined up to watch with the whole family. Which of these TV dads will you binge-watch this weekend?

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