Bianca King is Pregnant with Her First Child

Actress and content creator Bianca King announced that she and her husband Ralph Wintle are expecting their first child together.

Actress Bianca King announced that she was 15 weeks pregnant. She showed off her growing baby bump on Instagram with the caption: “Guess how many weeks?”

Bianca King pregnant
Photo from Bianca King

Following the picture, Bianca shared more details about the pregnancy.

Taking the time

In her follow-up post, Bianca, who resides in Australia with her husband Ralph Wintle said: “I lived my life exactly the way I wanted. Took my time and did everything I needed to do. When it was time for us [to] chase the dream of becoming parents, we were ready as ever.”

“It was a long journey to get here. It was not easy — being in our mid-late 30s. I mentally gave up and was about to do IVF. But surprise! A natural miracle happened,” she said.

She thanked Ralph, saying that the practice of being fur parents have been a big help for them. “We both feel confident that we will be the best parents.”

“I hope our baby inherits his looks and athleticism but my personality and creativity, and our shared wit and wisdom.”

Photo from Bianca King

Bianca King is looking forward to motherhood

On Sunday, August 21, Bianca shared a thank you message alongside her dog and a sonogram of her baby.

“Thank you for all the well wishes. It’s a relief to be 15 weeks pregnant and share the news. I enjoyed reading all your guesses on how far along I am. Thank you for the love. I look forward to sharing a piece of my heart with you. From pregnancy to birth and motherhood. Willow is gonna be a big sister!”

Bianca King pregnant
Photo from Bianca King

More details of her pregnancy

Bianca shared some details of preparing to get pregnant on her blog. She mentioned that she and Ralph spoke with a fertility doctor to know where they stand. Moreover, she read articles and watched videos to understand more about how conception happens.

Some of the tips she mentioned that helped along the way include avoiding preservative foods, getting enough sleep, and taking loads of Vitamin D. Bianca also wrote that eliminating stressors around her and relaxing helped her prepare for conceiving.

“At some point, I could feel the stress in my body when dealing with certain people or things. The strong physical manifestation of stress made me think — could this be why I’m not getting pregnant? My quality of life felt like it was suffering because of this stress. So I chose myself and my family. A change in priorities gave me the bandwidth to focus on my well-being.”

“This journey is unique to me and I am not suggesting that it will work or it’s even possible for everyone. If you find out something’s going on in your reproductive system, don’t lose hope. Believe and have faith you don’t have to feel alone. Follow your heart, if you want IVF, do it. If you have time to wait, give nature a chance.” 

Pregnant alongside Iza Calzado

Bianca’s pregnancy comes after her sister-in-law, actress Iza Calzado announced announced that she and her husband Ben Wintle were also going to be parents. Ben and Ralph are brothers.

We can’t wait to see the Wintle babies in a few months. Congratulations Bianca and Ralph!

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