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Birthday Cakes Your Kids Will Love

If your kids have a sweet tooth or have a celebration coming up, here are some birthday cakes we’re sure they’ll appreciate!

No birthday is complete without a cake! And while kids will always appreciate a character-themed treat, they’ll love it more if the cake is their favorite flavor from their most beloved bakery or restaurant. From the classic butter and sponge cakes to the softest chiffon cakes, the more elaborate ice cream cakes, and more, we list some birthday cakes that we’re sure kids would love this 2024!

Bonus: We even list down where you can get these indulgent treats!

6 Birthday Cakes for Kids of All Ages

1. Cookies and Cream Birthday Cake

Because kids just love cookies and cream as an ice cream flavor, what more as an ice cream birthday cake? These cakes offer both the crunch from chocolate sandwich cookies (usually Oreo) and the rich and sweet creaminess from the iced cream. Most bakeries and restaurants—when they make their cookies and cream birthday cakes—usually make it as a velvety mousse with a cookie crust and bits mixed in.

Dairy Queen's beloved Oreo Blizzard Birthday Cake is a top pick for kids!
Source: Dairy Queen

The best one we know comes from Dairy Queen and it can last for at most 30 minutes outside of the chiller!

2. Salted S’mores Gelato Cake

If not cookies, then why not explore marshmallows? Imagine the slightly salted, but smoky sweet whipped marshmallow cream decorating the rim of a decadent chocolate gelato—covered with a dust of mild, honey-flavored graham crackers just bursting with flavor in every slice. This birthday cake’s probably not going to last a week with chocolate and marshmallow-loving kids in the house!

Nothing screams sweet and salty more than Caramia's Salted S'mores Gelato Cake for our kid's birthday!
Source: Caramia

We usually order this cake from Caramia and placing an advanced order through their website will save you from a lot of hassle. But if there’s one nearby, be sure to make a call to check if they have it on hand!

3. Chunky Chocolate Nutella Cake

Kids can’t get enough of Nutella—a decadent mix of rich cocoa and hazelnut taste. Whether on bread, desserts, or even eaten on its own, this nutty spread is a favorite among kids and kids at heart. Lucky for us, there is such a thing called a Chocolate Nutella Cake. Decorated with chocolate beads on top of Nutella frosting, this chocolatey birthday cake will have the kids going a little nutty after a slice or two!

This particular cake is available at Vanilla Cupcake Café, which is available only in 6″ sizes.

4. 8-Layer Choco Mousse Cake

This particular choco mousse cake comes with three different textures—the rich chocolate mouse, the fluffy sponge cake in between—and feuilletine, which is a crispy layer made up of sweetened crepe bits! Atop the choco mousse cake are little chocolate pearls, which we’re sure that the kids will enjoy picking off after finishing their slice of this decadent birthday cake.

This 8-layer decadent treat comes from a home bakery: Leonisa’s Kitchen.

5. Strawberry Cream Cronut Cake

Some kids don’t like having spongy and fluffy birthday cakes so, why not go for a cronut? This hybrid pastry combines the best of a sugary fried donut with the buttery, flaky texture of a freshly baked croissant. As a cake, however, this cronut cake resembles a giant donut with strawberry-flavored whipped cream and sliced fresh strawberries on top!

Something more unique for our kid's birthday cake: how about a strawberry cream cronut cake?
Source: Wildflour

If the kids aren’t into chocolate, we’d recommend this cake from Wildflour.

6. Chocolate Mascarpone Cloud Cake

The Manila Baker’s Chocolate Mascarpone Cloud Cake is an elevated chocolate cake that offers both a lightly sweet and strong chocolatey flavor with its Callebaut chocolate pearls. This decadent creation uses no flour—but does the job of filling families and their kids’ tummies with a rich truffle-like mousse. It’s a birthday cake that marries the whimsical and rich approach to chocolate with only the finest ingredients.

Source: themanilabaker Instagram

With a little DIY, parents can transform these birthday cakes into character cakes!

Character cakes, while nice to look at, are quite limiting. Why? Most are made with butter or chocolate cake bases to hold up all the elements that go on top.

But if we’re making our kids’ birthday memorable this year with a cake, we can do a bit of DIY by making cake toppers with art materials or ordering acrylic versions online. You can even get a figurine to put on the cake! Just make sure to wash the toy first before mounting it on.

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