Camille Co Is Expecting Baby Number 2!

Camille Co and Joni Koro are adding another baby in the Co-Koro household!

Camille Co-Koro is going to be a mom of two! The vlogger and entrepreneur announced on Saturday, July 6 that she and her husband Joni Koro are expecting baby number two.

The couple first posted about the pregnancy on their Instagram with the caption: “Round 2 with #TheCokoros.” In the video, Sienna said, ” I’m going to be a big sister!”

Camille and Joni shared more about the pregnancy on their vlog. Camille just recently entered her second trimester.

How they found out

According to Camille, she knew things were different when she went on a trip to Siargao. At that time, her period was delayed.

“I thought I may have been delayed, maybe it was just a stressful few days because I was delayed. Because I still felt the symptoms of having my period,” she said.

Camille however felt that she was indeed pregnant when they got home from Siargao because she noticed the changes in her body. She eventually took the pregnancy test and it showed positive results.

Joni said that he already knew his wife was already pregnant because her period was never late. Turning serious, he said he didn’t want to get his hopes up in case it was a false alarm.

Both said they were happy about the pregnancy but Camille added there was still a bit of surprise.

“Before the test, it was like when I was starting to realize that I was pregnant, I didn’t expect to get pregnant at that time because we were like let’s try but we didn’t think it would happen quickly.”

Sienna’s excitement

Camille said she and Joni waited to tell Sienna about the pregnancy after going to the doctor for a check-up. But according to her, Sienna somehow had a feeling already.

“Sienna came up to me and said is there a baby in your belly? She just went to me and asked is there a baby in your belly first thing in the morning when she saw me at breakfast,” Camille recalled.

“I was like this kid! Also another time, she kept requesting for a baby – just like out of nowhere!”

Sienna according to Camille asked for a baby brother. She and Joni eventually showed the sonogram to Sienna after the visit.

” She’s so happy, so excited. She thinks the baby will come out right away. She doesn’t know it’s six months,” Camille chuckled, adding that now Sienna wants a sister instead of a brother.

The couple showed footage of how they told Sienna, who later requested to touch her belly. They later told their family members and friends which was shown in the vlog.

Camille and Joni Koro with their daughter Sienna. Screenshot from Camille Ko YouTube

Congratulations Camille and Joni!

It’s going to be a family of four soon for the Co-Koros and Camille and Joni are already prepping Sienna for her role as a big sister. Camille said that Sienna had been greeting the baby by touching her belly.

The couple said it’s going to be a different pregnancy since Sienna was born during the pandemic. Now, Joni can’t wait to be by his wife’s side when the second child comes out. Congratulations Camille and Joni!

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