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Camille Villar: A Mother That Goes Beyond Service

Camille Villar proves that she is a woman of her own, serving as a lawmaker for Las Piñas on top of being a mother and entrepreneur.

Women, most especially mothers, have always been known to juggle various commitments. Whether it’s running the household, attending to their children’s needs, or reporting to work, Camille Villar knows this feeling all too well.

As the lone congresswoman of Las Piñas, she attends to the needs of her constituents. As a mother of two, she is busy taking care of her family. On top of everything, she is also preoccupied with running the family business AllValue Group, the retail arm of the Villar Group, where she sits as president and chief executive officer.

It just goes to show that while she has a lot on her plate, Camille is not slowing anytime soon from her commitments.

Camille Villar

The Power of Entrepreneurship

Being a lawmaker can be a daunting task but just like her parents and her brother, Camille uses the platform given to her in the House of Representatives. On top of her role as Deputy Speaker, she has authored and co-authored several house bills in relation to the importance of education and women’s and children’s welfare. As an entrepreneur herself, she has written house bills that push for entrepreneurship as a subject in high school and a stock exchange for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Aside from her role as a lawmaker, Camille actively participates in discussions related to SMEs and solutions that can help would-be entrepreneurs and those who were badly affected by the pandemic.

Camille Villar

Health is Wealth

Health care is another issue that is part of Camille’s priorities. She has authored a law to increase the bed capacity of hospitals and satellite centers in Las Piñas, increasing it to 500 from the 200 that it used to have.

Additionally, she has answered the call from the Department of Health to help increase the vaccination in their respective cities. In 2021, she led a campaign called “May Bahay sa Bakuna,” encouraging the people of Las Piñas to get vaccinated and offering non-monetary benefits. This program has given Las Piñas the honor of being one of the cities to have herd immunity early.

Camille personally checked in with her constituents, too. She made sure that there were enough modular hospitals, isolation centers, and vaccination hubs on top of the protective equipment and monetary needs. She has also co-authored a bill with several other lawmakers of putting up a Virology Institute that can help in dealing with diseases in the country.

Camille Villar

Camille Villar as a Mother

While she is often a second mom to her Las Piñas constituents, Camille makes sure she attends to her children and husband as well. Surely, her parents, senator Cynthia Villar, and former senator Manny Villar are busy themselves as doting grandparents.

Although being a public servant and running AllValue Group takes up much of her time, Camille is grateful that her family is supportive of her endeavors. While some may say that she makes her job look easy by balancing her commitments, it takes a lot of sacrifice and effort, which she is grateful for.

Through her work as a public servant and entrepreneur, Camille Villar shows that she is not just resting on the name of her parents. She goes above and beyond—just like going beyond the duty of being a mother.

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