Cat Janice Passes Down the Rights of Her Newest Song to Her 7-Year-Old Son

Singer and songwriter Cat Janice, who is battling a rare form of cancer, signed off the rights to her newest song “Dance You Outta My Head” to her 7-year-old son.

The story of US-based artist Cat Janice made its rounds on social media when she released her newest song, “Dance You Outta My Head” on January 9—a day before her 31st birthday. And this may very well be her last, as she has been battling cancer since 2021.

On January 7, Cat posted a TikTok—announcing that she had recently entered hospice. Uncertain about the future and how much time she has left, Cat then announced that she has signed off all the rights to her newest song to her seven-year-old son Loren.

“Hey guys, I’ve got the [rough] news that cancer has won. I’ve fought hard, but the sarcomas are too tough,” she wrote. “I reset all my music to go to my son. And I wanted to put out one more song for my birthday.”

“I want my last song to bring joy and fun! It’s all I’ve ever wanted through my battle with cancer,” she added. “So all I ask is one favor of pre-saving my final song in my bio. Thank you for your love and I pray you love the song. See you in heaven.”

Source: cat.janice Instagram

What happened to Cat Janice?

Since 2021, Cat has been battling a rare form of cancer—a sarcoma that first started as a lump in her neck that turned out to be a tumor in her scalene muscle. And although she underwent radiation and chemotherapy, and removed the lump, the cancer unfortunately returned to her lungs in May 2023.

“Don’t know my timeline. Tumors tripled basically overnight,” she captioned her TikTok video, which she posted on January 11, adding that “Cancer makes it near impossible to talk.”

This was met with an outpouring of sympathy and support. “Ugh, I’m so sorry Cat. Sarcoma pisses me off. Too many people are getting lost from it and it’s not fair. The fight is so hard 😭,” one user wrote.

“I’m a hospice nurse. I am praying for your comfort,” said another user.

Source: cat.janice Instagram

“Dance You Outta My Head” goes viral!

Soon after, her videos went viral on TikTok—garnering millions of views and thousands of likes. Likewise, her song “Dance You Outta My Head” quickly picked up traction on the video platform, with over 412,900 videos using the song as of writing.

What’s more, her song charted top 10 worldwide on iTunes and ranked number one in Australia and Greece! “My friend, who’s a nurse and is living with me at home, tried to calm me down because she thought I was freaking about a medical report,” Cat said in an interview with the Washingtonian. “But I was screaming at my phone.”

But what makes this all the more surreal is how before the song’s release, she did not spend any money on promotions. She relied on her community of Washington artists and TikTok fans to help spread the word.

And her fans really followed through. Users were soon creating hashtags like #catjanice, creating videos to call for many to use her song—while using the songs themselves!

In fact, just recently she posted a TikTok, sharing the good news that “Dance You Outta My Head” even made its way to the Billboard charts! “YOU ALL GAVE ME MY ONE MORE MOMENT ALIVE AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” she captioned. “Officially Billboard Charting top 40 artist!!!!!!! #billboard #viraltiktok ALSO TOP 50 TIKTOK VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @billboard.”

“All of this because of you guys. I am so lucky to even be alive,” she enthused in another TikTok video. “My son and I will forever be grateful. I feel like I can rest in God’s peace from all of your love!! Just so wild.”

Source: cat.janice Instagram

What this means for her son

With Cat signing over the rights to her music, including her latest song “Dance You Outta My Head” to Loren, this means that the song’s royalties—will sustain him even after she passes away.

But what are royalties? A royalty is a recurring payment in exchange for permission to use something—in this case, Cat’s music. Instead of a one-time compensation, Loren will essentially get money every time his mother’s songs are played and streamed on music platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, alongside apps like Instagram or TikTok.

“Any amount of the song that is mine is going into a little trust fund for my son. So, to be there if I’m not,” she explained. “Through all of this, I just want him to know that to the very, very end I was thinking of him and I fought as hard as I possibly could.”

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