Celebrity Families Who Celebrated Halloween 2022

As November starts and October ends, here’s a roundup of celebrity families in their Halloween 2022 costumes.

Although the GMA Sparkle Spell Ball revealed some good costumes, families had their own fun dressing up for Halloween this year! Here are some celebrity families that enjoyed Halloween 2022:

Celebrity Families Who Celebrated Halloween 2022

Sixto Dantes

Celebrity kid heartthrob Sixto Dantes pulled off a heart-melting, sweet-smiling Woody from Toy Story.

Emilia, Leon, and Elias Romoff-Füglister

Potterheads applauded celebrity fashion designer and mom Vania Romoff and her husband Steven Füglister for letting their kids get sorted into their Hogwarts houses this Halloween 2022.

But Vania also made sure to glam up her daughter Emilia as she made the gown of Gwyneth Paltrow from the 1999 Oscar’s.


Celebrity content creator and mom Winwyn Marquez dressed up her 6-month daughter, Luna, in a Mulan-themed outfit.

Amila Panganiban Homan

The newest baby on the block, Amila, joins as new mom Angelica Panganiban dressed her up as a mermaid this Halloween 2022.

Regine Tolentino

Celebrity host and couturier Regine Tolentino was never one to shy from cosplay, especially on Halloween. From their trick-or-treat in Rizal Park as members of La Famiglia Madrigal to the loving couple from WandaVision and Addams Family, Regine Tolentino pulled out all the stops.

Sam Cruz

Sam Cruz’s ingenious use of her post-dental surgery recovery look by dressing up as Finding Nemo‘s Darla was too awesome.

She also dressed up as Carrie and a Dark Elf for Halloween:

Zeinab Harake

Celebrity content creator and mom Zeinab Harake dressed up as a haunted bride for Halloween.


Celebrity mom and beauty queen Katarina Rodriguez had her son Quino as a baby pumpkin.

Rodjun Cruz, Dianne Medina, and Joaquin

Going full medieval this Halloween 2022 was Rodjun Cruz and his family. Joaquin and Dianne represented King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay while Rodjun went as Panday.

Camille Co-Koro and her family

Fashion celebrity mom Camille Co-Koro brought her family together for Halloween 2022 with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme.

Seven Kai

Celebrating Seven Kai or Sevi’s first Halloween, Kryz Uy had him in a McDonald’s themed costume.


Celebrity mom Nikki Gil posted on her Instagram that her son, Finn, finally got to live out his Super Mario dreams this Halloween.

Maverick Legaspi

Following his parents, celebrities Carmina Villaroel’s and Zoren Legaspi’s footsteps, Maverick Legaspi revealed another Halloween costume as Ken from Barbie with Kyline Alcantara as the titular character.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal with Carmen and Lucia

Delighted for her girls to enjoy the full Trick-or-Treat experience again this Halloween 2022, celebrity supermom Bianca Gonzalez-Intal and her girls dressed up as a bee (Bianca), a witch (Lucia), and a fairy (Carmen). According to her, the girls only managed 1/4th the way before they said, “Carry, mommy.”

But they also had an adorable shoot together by Cocoon Studio as characters from PJ Masks.

Markus Paterson and Jude

Celebrity dad Markus Paterson and his son Jude answered the Call of Duty for their first Halloween together.


Felize, daughter of celebrity parents Elise Joson and McCoy De Leon, dressed up as Mulan in a custom costume this Halloween.

Millie Barretto

Celebrity millennial mom Dani Barretto let her daughter, Millie, bring the girl power this Halloween as Kim Possible.

Miggy Miranda

Celebrity parents Chito Miranda Jr. and Neri Miranda let their son Miggy celebrate his Halloween as one of the more famous anime characters, Uzumaki Naruto.

These celebrity families inspire us for Halloween next year!

Ranging from low-cost to all-out costumes this Halloween 2022, these celebrity families know how to pull out all the stops for Trick-or-Treat. We’re sure inspired by how their kids looked this year and we’re looking forward to seeing what they’re going as next year on Halloween 2023.

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