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LIST: 10 Chinese Restaurants Families Love To Celebrate 2023 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner and here are restaurants to celebrate the holiday in.

Chinese New Year is happening soon and we’d like to celebrate it with good Chinese food. However, Chinese restaurants often have that division similar to Filipino restaurants; there’s home-cooked goodness and then there’s fine dining. But Chinese families often try their best to strike a balance of both, especially when they bring the grandparents along. Here are some Chinese restaurants that have been proven to be family-friendly.

Choi Garden

Choi Garden Greenhills is a highly-recommended Chinese restaurant
Photo Source: choigardenclarkph

Choi Garden has been serving many old Chinese families within the Greenhills area and entered a variety of collaborations with other Chinese restaurants. As one of the bigger Chinese restaurants, they also have parking for family vans and cars and dining rooms for big family dinners which Chinese families call “lauriats.” Their Salt and Pepper Squid is a fan favorite along with the Peking Duck and Birthday Noodles.

Gloria Maris

Gloria Maris is a Chinese restaurant in Greenhills
Photo Source: Gloria Maris Website

Another one of the classic Chinese restaurants that also recently began collaborating with Choi Garden, Gloria Maris has three different sections in their restaurant: hot pot, fine dining, and the dim sum area. For families that like a little more fun with the experience, we recommend the hotpot section where you get to cook your own food. Kids may enjoy the dim sum area with a wide variety of siomai and dumplings. But for a more celebratory feel, we recommend the fine dining side. Fookien rice has been a big hit, especially among Cebuanos who grew up with Dimsum Break’s “steamed rice.”

Peninsula Manila

Peninsula Manila has good Chinese food
Photo Source: thepeninsulamanila

If you’re planning a staycation to celebrate Chinese New Year then, consider Peninsula Manila. On January 21, Peninsula Manila is offering a package that includes a festive stay in a Deluxe Room, buffet breakfast for two adults and two children below 12 in Escolta restaurant the next morning, and, to complete the stellar stay, a front-row seat to a traditional lion dance held in The Lobby on January 22.

For inquiries and reservations, you may call The Peninsula Manila at +63 2 8887 2888 (ext. 6691 or 6694 for Restaurant Reservations), mobile +63 917 557 8014, or email [email protected].

China Blue at Conrad

China Blue at Conrad
Photo Source: Conrad Website

What we enjoy about eating in China Blue at Conrad is their wide selection of food that features a fusion of modern-day Chinese cuisine with traditional favorites. Some of the favored dishes of frequent patrons include Superior Crab Roe Broth with Braised Sea Cucumber and Seafood and the fragrant Stir-Fried Xin Jiang Cumin Lamb with Leeks served in Momo Wraps. And as one of the more fine-dining Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila, they are more prone to having partnerships with credit cards.

Hai Shin Lou

Hai Shin Lou in Makati
Photo Source: haishinlou

A favorite among the Makatizens for Chinese food, Hai Shin Lou‘s pride is in their seafood dishes. Although they have the fan-favorite Crispy Honey Beans with Dried Olive Leaf or Steamed Shrimp (or what Chinese call Suahe), they also have a delicious Steamed Grouper with Garlic, Spring Onion, and other Chinese vegetables which is commonly served as the final savory dish in most Chinese lauriats.

Peking Garden

Peking Garden is another Chinese restaurant
Photo Source: Peking Garden IG

Another old favorite restaurant known for fine Chinese dining, Peking Garden is famous for making its items from scratch. Some of the older patrons enjoy their Hakaw (shrimp dumplings) but always took the time to enjoy their Peking Duck or their Duck Misua. Some also go there for their crab dishes like Chili Crab Sotanghon. Moreover, they have set menus for those planning a lauriat and they do partnerships with credit cards, too.

Mann Hann

Mann Hann is an affordable Chinese restaurant
Photo Source: mannhann.mnl

There’s a reason why Mann Hann has survived for so many years in Greenhills and that’s because their food marries modern-day dishes with some traditional ones that many of the Chinese families grew up with. A favorite is their Oyster Cake which is a must to enjoy with ketchup or their pickled vegetables. Don’t forget to order their Sate Seafood Chami to go with it! The level of spice is mild enough for even kids to enjoy.

Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
Photo Source: paradisedynastyph

Paradise Dynasty has two branches: one in SM Aura and another one in Podium. Their best-seller is their Xiao Long Bao which they have a variety of flavors. Their Truffle Xiao Long Bao is an absolute must-try especially when the soup with that mild but distinct truffle flavor melts in the mouth. They also serve a form of Szechuan cooking which can definitely spice up the lauriat selection.

Lucky Rainbow

Lucky Rainbow Banawe
Photo Source: Lucky Rainbow IG

Found in the heart of mini-Chinatown or the haven of many Gearheads that is known as Banawe, Lucky Rainbow offers a more casual dining setting. They have decent parking despite the usual traffic in the area but, unlike the other aforementioned Chinese restaurants, their specialty is the Lechon Macau. Crusted and baked with a bit of salt, the meat just melts in the mouth while offering that crispy texture that gives a satisfying crack.

Modern Shanghai

Modern Shanghai

True to its name, Modern Shanghai focuses more on East Chinese cooking with recipes that are a favorite to the natives of one of China’s busiest cities: Shanghai. Many of their dishes are hawker food in origin which they elevated for a dining setting. Some of their favored dishes include their Signature Shanghai Fried Noodles and their assorted dumplings, including the kid-favorite Hakaw.

Let Chinese New Year be the reason to explore new Chinese restaurants!

A lot of times, we do have a favorite Chinese restaurant. But it’s different when accompanied by your token Chinese family friend who grew up eating these dishes. Sometimes, they may want to prank you with strange dishes as a way to welcome the new year. With Chinese New Year starting on January 23, 2023, why not give it a bit of a bunny hop to try something new?

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