How Kids Can Celebrate Chinese New Year At Home

Here are ways how our kids can celebrate Chinese New Year at home!

No dragon dances and fireworks for the year 2022. To prevent COVID-19 from spreading, Mayor Isko Moreno signed an executive order that bans all outside celebrations in Binondo. So, that means all our Chinese New Year celebrations will be at home. But how can we do that when we don’t have any Dragon Dances or fireworks to celebrate it with? Here’s how we can do it at home while Omicron’s still out and about.

1. Make your own dragon costume!

Since Chinese New Year always has a dragon dance, why not have your own Dragon Dance performance at home? It doesn’t have to look as fancy as the one’s outside. All it needs is some cardboard, glue, some paint, and cloth to design the dragon. Usually, it’s only the dragon head that’s made out of something solid whereas its serpentine body is made of cloth with rings to prop it up. Besides, we’re sure the kids are going to have fun pretending to be a dragon.

2. Learn basic Tiger-style Kung Fu

It’s exercise, a martial art, and teaches our kids discipline. There’s a lot to learn about Tiger-style Kung Fu especially the basics on YouTube. What some masters actually do is that they watch tigers and create combat movements from them. Their strikes even the way they prowl, Kung Fu masters believe in learning from the source. Since it’s the year of the Tiger, learning the basics of Tiger Kung Fu might be an interesting way to celebrate Chinese New Year at home.

3. Watch a Tiger Movie Marathon

If the kids aren’t in the mood to move today, how about a movie marathon about tigers? Chinese New Year marks the start of the Year of the Tiger which is the perfect time for us to teach kids all about them. There are some tiger-related documentaries but we’re sure the kids might prefer spending Chinese New Year watching Kung Fu Panda at home. Sadly, they won’t be able to go to DreamPlay by Dreamworks yet to do Tigress’ challenge but it’s close enough.

4. Cook Tikoy at home

Kids become more interested in food when they cook it themselves. So why not have them try cooking the sweet, glutinous rice cake themselves? Some of us have their own ways of cooking Tikoy but we’re sure our kids can get creative. As per tradition, everyone needs to have a taste of tikoy. Since we’re all just at home, why not just celebrate Chinese New Year at home by cooking tikoy?

5. Read up Chinese mythology

Year of the Tiger can also commemorate one of the four grand constellations in the sky, Bai Hu (literally means ‘White Tiger’ in Chinese). So if our kids are looking for some stories, maybe we can try reading some Chinese folktales and stories. As one of the oldest civilizations, Chinese culture has a lot of stories especially pertaining to gods, spirits, and deities. It helps expand our kids’ scope on what to read instead of the typical books they find on the shelf.

Celebrate Chinese New Year safely at home

While Chinese New Year is one of the most fun events of the year with Ang Pao’s and food, we can’t do that for now with Omicron on the loose. Sadly, we’ll have to miss the professional dragon dances for this year but it doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun. Some hotels and Chinese restaurants are opening their kitchens to make sure that all of us get an authentic Chinese lauriat to celebrate Chinese New Year at home.

More ways to celebrate Chinese New Year at home? Here’s more!

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