Cousins Deia and Sadie Wintle Finally Meet!

After many months of waiting, Iza Calzado’s daughter Deia meets her cousin Sadie, daughter of Bianca King and Ralph Wintle.

Deia Wintle finally met her cousin. In an Instagram reel shared by Iza Calzado and Bianca King together, Deia is shown meeting Bianca’s daughter Sadie for the first time.

Bianca King's daughter, Sadie, finally meets her cousin, Iza Calzado's daughter: Deia!
Source: missizacalzado and bianca_king Instagram

Sadie’s dad Ralph and Deia’s dad Ben are brothers.

“Two little rays of sunshine, born only a few weeks apart, finally meet – a long-awaited moment of pure joy and wonder. These precious girls have been a true blessing to our family, and witnessing their first encounter was a moment we’ll never forget. A new friendship has begun, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them,” the caption read.

The video also showed Deia and Sadie hanging out with their grandparents.

Source: missizacalzado and bianca_king Instagram

Finally home in the Philippines

The meet-up marks the first time Bianca has been able to go home to the Philippines after relocating to Australia. She eventually married Ralph and announced her pregnancy weeks after Iza’s announcement.

“Traveling with Sadie has been a dream,” Bianca wrote on Instagram. “Grateful for our easy baby who was perfect on the plane.”

She also shared that Sadie’s trip has been smooth so far.

Both Sadie and Deia are set to turn 1 soon.

Bianca King's daughter Sadie with Iza Calzado's daughter, Deia
Source: missizacalzado and bianca_king Instagram

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