COVID-19 Breathalyzer Test: What We Know About It

Instead of swabbing or spitting, COVID-19 can now be detected by the Breathalyzer Test in the US.

For OFW families living in the United States (US), it looks like swabbing days are slowly coming to an end. To test for COVID-19, the US-FDA approved the emergency use of InspectIR Systems’ Breathalyzer last April 15, 2022. The test, instead of using body fluids to look for COVID-19, will use the breaths of people. For those coming into the US to find work or to join their relatives to settle down, coming in might need people to use this test, especially with Omicron XE on the rise.

breathalyzer test

What do we need to know about the Breathalyzer Test?

Unfortunately, the test will need someone with medical technology to use. According to the US-FDA, the Breathalyzer is the size of carry-on luggage and has several paper straws that come with it. It’ll most likely be set up in a booth where people will be isolated to breathe into the straw. Once their breath goes into the balloon, their results will appear on a laptop screen. It was also reported that the device is currently capable of analyzing 160 samples a day. It’s definitely a lot more comfortable for our kids if they hate the swabs going up their noses.

However, the FDA is also recommending that a “positive” result from the Breathalyzer should still be re-tested with a PCR test. Just to play it safe.

May COVID-19 soon be a thing of the past

The new Breathalyzer test, once fully worked out and approved, can spell a new future wherein COVID-19 testing won’t create so much waste and delay. A lot of us found the swab test uncomfortable especially since some really go deep into the nose. But with the Breathalyzer, we’re hoping it’s possible to bring some to the Philippines so it’ll be something we can use, too.

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